Today I'm checking out Bugha's CRAZY new LTM: "Late Game". Easily one of the best LTM's they've ever added and there's even a way to get a FREE SKIN!

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🎥 Produced, Edit and Thumbnail by: JackZenn:

Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about the Fortnite Season 8 Leaks! Today we're checking out Bugha's New LTM and his new Icon Series Skin! Hope you enjoy!

  • mootz

    omg bro. you were POPPING OFF!!

  • ayub baller
    ayub baller

    ur thumbnail says solos buddy 😑😑😑😑

  • David Cano
    David Cano

    It’s hard to find really good players. I hop in FFA boxfight/ZW and dominate and when I find people they act too cool or some

  • David Cano
    David Cano

    I’m 29 and bughas late game is the best thing ever! It’s just hard finding a trio. I’m a really good pc player but they need to make this for solo and duo.

  • legosoccer123

    7:49 sheeesh them muscles

  • Hanadi Chakkour
    Hanadi Chakkour

    But if I get 10 kills do I the skin forever

  • josh kirby
    josh kirby

    Need solos for this

  • Warrioron60fps

    he actually did save it am having fun playing bornite finally

  • Crash bandicoot
    Crash bandicoot

    Bughas late game mode where it’s basically a stacked endgame Switch players who basically are at 10 FPS when fighting one person: why are we still here? JUST TO SUFFER

  • OvO Spxid
    OvO Spxid

    "i dont know what happened to me that game but i had aimbot, i droped a 20"....... Teammate: 20 NO WAY! Sypher: 16

  • hlfoods ec
    hlfoods ec

    Ag such click bait. PK is getting kak.

  • MilanFN

    What you mean saved bro it’s far away from dead after 4 years idk where you talking about

  • Camila Martinez
    Camila Martinez

    What skin is he using someone tell meeee

  • Erick Sanchez
    Erick Sanchez

    Bruh just stop fortnite is dead dead even if they release the old map people won’t want to play because the sweats it’s not fun

  • Dodo Omar
    Dodo Omar

    Guys I need a trio I'm only one so any another too to play with plz guys

  • enzo iamele
    enzo iamele

    can you play with zemie more, he is chill and really good

  • Polokam 2110
    Polokam 2110

    No just no

  • Yillz

    the best bit is when he says dead AND he hasnt even killed him at 4 :14


    What is that skin that cipher is wearing

  • Swingsten

    anyone wanna be my trio?

  • Cool Man#1
    Cool Man#1

    I am not too good to get 10 kills and win

  • Victor Ivanov
    Victor Ivanov

    Why solo in thumbnail?!?!

  • THE X
    THE X

    stop putting that as your title

  • Arkaas - charixzards
    Arkaas - charixzards

    Hey nice i just noticed ur nice akatsuki skateboard 🛹

  • Jaded

    You played really well.

  • Jordan Savoie
    Jordan Savoie

    i like the new mode because i the sweats play it so that means i can go into pubs and meme again MEME BEAT SWEAT

  • Josh Rayl
    Josh Rayl

    I haven’t watched the channel in just a few months and damn you got skinny skinny!

  • Karshang Fn
    Karshang Fn

    Wait did you get the skin when you went back to lobby or you just bought the bugha skin

  • Keturah Mills
    Keturah Mills

    My username is luigi4green

  • Lil Zayne.Fortnite
    Lil Zayne.Fortnite

    Pk's popping off

  • Nasreen Khan
    Nasreen Khan

    Give me a skin Pls pls pls need one username Nask123456 like the video

  • VibeDust

    Y do u have bigger muscles on ur right arm sypher

  • Byung Kim
    Byung Kim

    This is actually the first time I got into division 10

  • alpha FN
    alpha FN

    get a grip sypher , fortnite didnt need saving. Your washed an bored

  • Ian’s king Julian
    Ian’s king Julian

    Yo look in kill feed second game I’m last guy my team was tiko and xau

  • nyjets14

    All the kids with friends are gonna be playing this game mode

  • Drew Badman
    Drew Badman

    This game every day unplayable for casual players and old player. New skin did not Happy. Because u cant play normaly

  • Itz stereo
    Itz stereo

    Wait he did I don’t think so cuz there is still try hards in the game

  • Elijah Warren
    Elijah Warren

    Fun fact : the LTM doesn’t give you the skin

  • Unkn0wn_fl4sh

    Who else thinks they released the Biggs skin to early

  • SpiderX BS
    SpiderX BS

    Sypjer I have a glitch I am in champs leauge but I get -45 hype fo some reason

  • Fjong

    yeah its good if you have a good pc for that gamemode


    Damn popped off

  • kanjifye

    Dude accept fortnites dead

  • Meagan Mcdade
    Meagan Mcdade

    Love watching you play with zemie

  • Ben Wilson
    Ben Wilson

    6:24 that 189 shot was filthy.

  • JustSomeGuyWhoComments

    Who else just loves watching Sypher pk

  • XXyjyXXX


  • ZepohYT

    I wish i was good, fortnite look so much fun when u a sweat 😔

  • b r u h
    b r u h

    I’m surprised people still play fortnight I’m expecting this game to be down..

  • b r u h
    b r u h

    Sypher looks cross eyed in the thumbnail.

  • TryHardR94 FN
    TryHardR94 FN

    Does anyone wanna trio up and play the bugha ltm or arena trios?? If so then my epic is TryHardR94 and i play on Middle east..(i dont have a mic btw)

  • Philly On YT
    Philly On YT

    3000 points sypher sheesh

  • Philly On YT
    Philly On YT

    If they could make a solo one I would absolutely love that

  • Josh Doroy
    Josh Doroy

    The only thing I hate is I have no friends

  • Derek Johnson
    Derek Johnson

    I just started watching basically a few months ago and once he said fortnite might be saved I was like you are so smart and I was like you know what I am subing

  • adam

    This is fortnite when epic listen to og players

  • Quincy Wylupek
    Quincy Wylupek

    Sypher you good bro. But Fresh did this solo lol

  • Mithilesh Virahsammy
    Mithilesh Virahsammy

    I can't play it😅too much fps drop

    • Mithilesh Virahsammy
      Mithilesh Virahsammy

      Still really cool


    It saved fortnite I swear my friends were about to quit but they removed that idea

    • RJF2651

      Lmfaoo y’all still play this dead ass game

  • Michael Casanova
    Michael Casanova

    Do you keep it

  • Jesus Arriola
    Jesus Arriola

    Notice how Sypher doesn't call out coms too much with Nick and Zemie but does most of the call outs with NickMercs and Nio.

  • Tyrese Saunders
    Tyrese Saunders

    I mean this is true but it also makes my friends ps4s break and it becomes unplayable for me to play with my friends

  • Ahyan Mojumder
    Ahyan Mojumder

    When you transform do you automatically get the bugha skin forever

  • yeet_4555

    took me 1 day to get to div 10

  • Omar Hazem Kamel
    Omar Hazem Kamel

    Is this zemie from TikTok

  • Glenn Aron Johnsen Brustad
    Glenn Aron Johnsen Brustad

    i think out of all the pro's i've seen i think sypher is like one of the most like controlled players. like he plays smart and makes good decisions and is good with coms. i know from the how to play series that he got better and better. he's the only one i watch of like fortnite players, and a little bit of the x2twins.

  • Ru whiz
    Ru whiz

    yes he did-_-

  • Sus Default
    Sus Default

    I dont have friends so i cant play

  • hawkterb78 gaming
    hawkterb78 gaming

    I hope this mode stays in the game for ever, and it would be amazing if this and the other one switched back and forth as the arena mode

  • Okky

    Reminds me of bio zone wars

  • joey

    "Actually not that laggy" you should see my pc

  • Aidan Merz
    Aidan Merz

    You are Insane bro

  • Naym Nur
    Naym Nur

    Can anyone tell me why sphyer pk looks so different?

  • kiwisen

    Icecold killer

  • kipnugget

    But do you keep the skin

  • xxx_sy_choppa king
    xxx_sy_choppa king

    Not even trying to be disrespectful but imagine you all sucking the fun out of this game kids just wanna have fun y'all use it for clout it's kinda mean

  • nakul

    sypher chill youre a mad lad

  • Rabert

    Say what u wanna say but the truth is that FORTNITE IS DEAD!!!

  • WyAtT-exe

    i think people dont like it now only because how much they moved away from "fortnite" like having real world people at characters and how complicated it is now vs how simple it used to be , but idk i dont think it can ever be back to where it was.

  • Its Kenle
    Its Kenle

    you guys are sweats

  • candice balls fit yo nuts
    candice balls fit yo nuts

    Bugha is fortnite ninja def

  • TECHNO Gaming
    TECHNO Gaming

    Imagine og stuff was in there and it was a og mode

  • Fierce Krypton
    Fierce Krypton

    This is the best fortnite content I've seen in ages.

  • Fierce Krypton
    Fierce Krypton

    This is nasty.

  • lol

    Great mode apart from bus fare at 8k points

  • Chancellor Palpatine
    Chancellor Palpatine

    No he did not

  • Bass

    i haven’t watched you for so long u look so different

  • Aireal Jesse
    Aireal Jesse

    I wish my family had money

  • Daizx

    Do u get to keep the skin after 10 elims?

  • The War
    The War

    Nick eh 30 and sypher pk are friends because of the rapid and lever fight 😂


    Syphers kills are smooth

  • Guilherme Rodrigues
    Guilherme Rodrigues

    this looks like pubs to me

  • Gonzlez Laguna
    Gonzlez Laguna

    So you keep the skin

  • blessed4mom

    One thing I wish there was solo and dous

  • Faze-GangSteR94

    Damn Sypher is cracked



  • Slitxy

    My heart is broken just like glass 💔trying to grind for a change 🖤

  • Slitxy

    My heart is broken just like glass 💔trying to grind for a change 🖤

  • Let’s go
    Let’s go

    Fosho, Sypher just called it, but it would be fire if you can friend the perfect trio, nic going Sypher too