Epic Just BUFFED the BEST Item in Season 7...
Today I show you why the RAPID FIRE SMG is the absolute best weapon in Fortnite! People are really sleeping on it because its so hard to find but its BROKEN! Hope you enjoy!

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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about everything epic didnt tell you in Fortnite Season 7! Today show you guys why I pick the rapid fire smg over almost any other item in Season 7! Hope you enjoy!

  • SypherPK

    Epic buffed the reload speed from 1.4 to 1.32 seconds! This made the best item in season 7 even BETTER!

    • DobeyOP

      they also added 2 extra bullets to the epic and legendary. idk about the common uncommon and rare though

    • City-Lord

      This is the best gun!

    • Clipxz

      Hey guys I just posted my first montage on kbm and was wondering if you guys can rate me.This will mean a lot to me

    • spell breaker
      spell breaker

      Is this all you wanted to say

    • Glitch_ Finder69
      Glitch_ Finder69

      .8 seconds faster reload time damn

  • Logan Rx
    Logan Rx

    It’s not 4 extra bullets it’s 6

  • r y a n
    r y a n

    Sypher: you won't even see me using my shotgun much in this video Also sypher: 2:32 3:36 4:45

  • Kaasjoch

    Its 6 extra bullets, gray, green, and blue are 20 bullets, purple and gold are 26

  • Kaasjoch

    I also like playing with the other colors

  • Kaasjoch

    OMG I already loved it, actually, this is the reason I sometimes play with smg again

  • Candice

    What is syphers mouse pad

  • Ab O
    Ab O

    Dont think its to rare got it of the bat just kidding

  • Bob Mannn
    Bob Mannn

    7:09 Subtle flex

  • hyperloop gaming
    hyperloop gaming

    it sucks so much i died to a grey pistol and im a sweat

  • qt_Meowz

    I don't agree with your opinion it is trash lmao

  • Ominous Wolf
    Ominous Wolf

    The Burst AR is the best weapon in the game also spraying is toxic

  • coco0876

    im sorry it is bad

  • Rico Ammerlaan
    Rico Ammerlaan

    7:49 ljadys n djentolmen

  • Zenmo

    The gold pistol actually has a faster reload at 1.3s. Very underrated weapon and also unfortunately extremely hard to find

  • Lord Voldemort
    Lord Voldemort

    ya bro we get it u love the rapid fire. man he is so mad that he does this vid ever season to just get views

  • Xx_NoobLegendCrusher_ xX
    Xx_NoobLegendCrusher_ xX

    Cant wait until my fave weapon gets nerfed from 17 dmg to 15 dmg

  • Adrián Ciscar
    Adrián Ciscar

    Purple/golden rapid fire are super easy to obtain in team rumble (there is p90s absolutely everywhere i drop, i don't know why) I wonder how much kills Sypher could do in there

  • More Killergamer
    More Killergamer

    Extra 6!! BULLETS Not 4 SIX!!

  • Jimthedadman

    Its not that hard, the p90 has been common this season so far and I side grade everytime, all your talk is🧢

  • Doctor_What21


  • Doctor_What21

    i no rite

  • Doctor_What21


  • Marcus Armani
    Marcus Armani


  • Colonel Clappins
    Colonel Clappins

    NickEh30 likes to pair it up with the lever action shotgun. I tried it out and it claps hard!

  • Jose Horna Munoz
    Jose Horna Munoz

    Hey you can just go inside the big ships and get all the stars and you can get a p90 pretty easily

  • Jacob Waggoner
    Jacob Waggoner

    I don’t know about you but this is the first time I have seen his face cam shot and keyboard shot together. Is this new or has it been like this for a while.

  • Ryan DeJoseph
    Ryan DeJoseph

    Sypher: *Misses all his shots* Also Sypher: Thats exactly why its best weapon is the game.

  • Ars7an

    how random to say like "yo we buffed it LOL"

  • M00M00

    where is the lever shotgun video??

  • Life Simon
    Life Simon

    It was underrated until you posted this video

  • Pushkal

    Do Nick Eh 30 challenge Lever shotgun and rapid fire season meta

  • Ryder Games
    Ryder Games

    I got 2 kills on 2 sweats in a tournament with the rapid fire. It is OP!!!

  • ALpha

    It's Funny that sypher said the rapid is the best gun but he dose 7 damege to a car

  • Herobrine

    Oo hand came is cool

  • Lachlan PENSAK
    Lachlan PENSAK

    That’s sick! Now go get 2 of them 😏

  • az zacc
    az zacc

    That keyboard sideways b

  • Brenton Biggers
    Brenton Biggers

    It cost gray to gold is 1400

  • ThePerfectEraser

    Syphwr: if you have the accuracy like I do it’s disgusting Me: guess I’ll just stay clean

  • LucasCoolDude

    Use the lever, use the lever

  • Riley6445

    honestly even tho i love them they arent used due to accuracy, even at epic it’s hard to aim unless you ADS

  • Indi Seehra
    Indi Seehra

    Who thinks syphers binds are weard

  • JZ Matt
    JZ Matt

    Sypher: *gets gold rapid fire and gold scar and gold spaz on accident* Me: *struggles to find green pump*

  • Abdelrahman Mohamed Mohamed Said
    Abdelrahman Mohamed Mohamed Said

    Why do you just wanna remove everything from competitive

  • Minecraft EFDOs
    Minecraft EFDOs

    What happened with performance mode?

  • Alex Nikola
    Alex Nikola

    Is someone playing at the turnament

  • Jacques zack
    Jacques zack


  • Nathan Baeza
    Nathan Baeza

    sypher can you make a video showing us how to counter the UFO please

  • Logan McNeill
    Logan McNeill

    You should no a challenge with five of them oh wait

  • Mandar Pandar
    Mandar Pandar

    The fastest fire rate is the ray gun it has a fire rate of 15

  • Inkedj TV
    Inkedj TV

    Try doing that in EU champs lobbies, you will get 1 pumped

  • Kamil Ryyan Bin Sarizal Yusman
    Kamil Ryyan Bin Sarizal Yusman

    How do u get so much gold?😅🧐

  • TTV.official_Andyhotwheelz

    Grey to gold upgrades are 1400 bars grey to green =200 green to blue =300 blue to purple 400 purple to gold =500 so 200+300+400+500=1400

  • Pickle Panda Games
    Pickle Panda Games

    But are u sure it’s the fastest reloading gun because I think it’s the primal bow because it has a reload of 0.75


    Sure the rail gun does 170 damage sure the rapid fire does a huge difference in the game but remember the gold pump does 200 damage

  • Justin Kutch
    Justin Kutch

    pump or lever tho @sypherpk

  • Snoop Catt
    Snoop Catt

    it got nerfed by damage

  • its.Musi.Ψ

    pls dont let it go no is gona be gone

  • Taige Hoogerheide
    Taige Hoogerheide

    Fortnite sweats - spray and pray, controller player! Also Fortnite sweats:

  • Seth Lovell
    Seth Lovell

    P90s are way better

  • Max Grodin
    Max Grodin

    When I saw he had the rapid fire I knew it was him and then when I got killed it was obvious

  • Random Doyz
    Random Doyz

    sypher on his way to get another fun gun in the game either removed or nerfed

  • Already Spoken
    Already Spoken

    Just imagine Jarvis…

  • TheKid

    Sypher: opens a IO chest and doesn't get the SMG Also Sypher: Opens another IO chest and gets gold P90 "lets go I got it first try"

  • RavenWNS

    Epic- how many smg bullets do you want for this video Sypher- Yes

  • Di Buk
    Di Buk

    3:20 you better watch out, sypherpk can shoot through builds with the recon scanner.

  • Camdon Norris
    Camdon Norris

    There is no damage drop over large areas

  • Barney_ GMR
    Barney_ GMR

    *Kriss Vector is typing…*

  • Sabananas

    " *yo we buffed it LOL* "

  • Simp_for_Kylee

    When he didn’t take the gold scar. 🤬😡🤬😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬😠😡😅

  • TL6Megs

    Love the hand cam fam

  • Megan Baker
    Megan Baker

    What about this. U think rapid fire smg and nick thinks lever. Try shooting the lever and if it’s a bodie then spray with the rapid


    looking thin bro

  • Jeffery Devaney
    Jeffery Devaney

    But you should do the rapid fire and the lever action shotgun

    • Kyrøx

      Well. O shit

  • OgBrody_2010

    Due to an issue, we have temporarily disabled: Fire Rate

  • Railfanning in Virginia
    Railfanning in Virginia


  • shamrockvfx

    "ᴵᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇⁱⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ʷⁱᵗʰ ⁿᵒᵗⁱˢ"

  • shamrockvfx

    "ᴵᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇⁱⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ʷⁱᵗʰ ⁿᵒᵗⁱˢ"

  • Tianyang Chen
    Tianyang Chen

    Aim assist be like

  • Little Mazter Gaming
    Little Mazter Gaming

    1:40 Sypher: that’s why this is the most op gun in the game Proceeded to miss every shot

  • Nate Kurz
    Nate Kurz

    Gold scar gold rapid fire smog and gold spaz!!!

  • Nolan Tautges
    Nolan Tautges

    Rapid smg is gonna be taken out of arena now just like the rail gun because of sypher

    • Snoop Catt
      Snoop Catt

      idk how it got buff because the damage went down

  • Nate Kurz
    Nate Kurz

    Did my man pass on a gold scar

  • Raze

    imagine being like 30 yrs old and still posting and playing fortnite, what a waste of your life. fr tho

  • Seif Lambo
    Seif Lambo

    Everyone you killed be like: SPAMMER SPAMMER SPAMMER THIS IS WHY FORTNITE IS SO STUPID My friend: it’s just a play style Me: 😑 wanna die or no

  • maghraby media
    maghraby media

    So this is basically a much better version of the kymera smg

  • JordanFN1K

    Handcam dang keyboard sideways well I do that to

  • Keen

    yoo fennec in fortnite, cod copied fortnite

  • Salim Zaatari
    Salim Zaatari

    smg spammer >:( must have been the reaction to all those kidswho died to it

  • Marco Ferrigno
    Marco Ferrigno

    Controller players after this😈

  • Grim Cannon
    Grim Cannon


  • Vilmary Muniz
    Vilmary Muniz

    Go to camiyaro's channel

  • NA Gamegeeks
    NA Gamegeeks

    It’s called a magazine not a clip

  • Laurie Kenny
    Laurie Kenny

    You already made this video

  • CodeEOG Gaming
    CodeEOG Gaming

    Im going to have to try that gun out, good video sypherpk!

  • Lamar Gordon
    Lamar Gordon

    Hopefully sypher pk reply

  • Raul Nicholas Mic
    Raul Nicholas Mic

    Misses every shot That’s why it’s the most powerful weapon in the game


    Sypher : my luck is non existent right now syphers luck : and I took that personally

  • UltraStats

    Fortnite when they nerf a weapon: *less damage, reload speed, more bloom and sometimes even less ammo in a clip* Cod: *-1 damage*

  • Fold

    funny how he shot the car didnt even hit the dude he shot the car for 7 damage and he said "yeah this is why its the best gun"