Fortnite is Coming BACK!

  • S3II

    No it’s not

  • xxcorgi

    i don’t think fortnite will ever be as fun or as hyped as it was in 2018; that was it’s peak and it probably won’t ever be like that again


    Modding is fun and all but not to console and phones. You can only mod on pc and no wants to run a 5,000$ computer to make their own fortnite or Minecraft reality. Games like these will never reach their full potential...

  • CheesyCake

    No don’t do that, don’t give me hope

  • Max Lemon
    Max Lemon

    No it’s not

  • Drippy

    the way i see it unless you like creative this won’t work this won’t change how many try hards we have in this game but i can only pray it does

  • Callum NineNineNine
    Callum NineNineNine

    I just want OG Fortnite back man!😩

  • Sethi 9
    Sethi 9

    Source: trust me bro

  • Jarellsomeness YT
    Jarellsomeness YT

    I just lost love for the game, I load in and just have no enthusiasm to press ready or even go into creative.

  • Anthony Clark
    Anthony Clark

    Fortnite is dead it’s not coming back

    • Based Commenter
      Based Commenter


  • john3boii

    Is it just me or do regular Public matches feel like what Arena should feel like. And Arena feels like what Public matches should feel like.

  • Pops5.3

    Once Modding gets added to this game, its all down hill from there

  • final flame
    final flame

    i hope so dude

  • tilted hunch
    tilted hunch

    Turbo build ruined fortnite thats wen sweats were made

  • CaLiB3r

    BF 2042

  • Freydson Ventura
    Freydson Ventura

    God bless yall, Jesus loves yall and He wants you to be saved 🙏 John 3:16 romans 10:9-10 Have a blessed day yall 🙌🙏.

    • Based Commenter
      Based Commenter

      camero's are heavy and suck

  • Highasf

    I want classic fortnite

  • Dylan Mendez
    Dylan Mendez

    They should do what apex did bringing back old maps

  • Jordan Lau
    Jordan Lau

    I always say the game has a good future ahead of it

  • Mikhel Sookoo
    Mikhel Sookoo

    "GTA can also exist in fortnite" hell to the no gta is 1game and fortnite is another fortnite can't be taking other games thing's that ain't right

  • Paul Welford
    Paul Welford

    attention seeking comes to mind

  • Xavier Hobbrick
    Xavier Hobbrick

    No, it’s not… sorry bro

  • ClarksCracked

    someone @ me when they make a season 1 modded server😫

  • Dawson Butt
    Dawson Butt

    Add a edit delay

  • Commando16

    cool, I don't care

  • chikn nuggey
    chikn nuggey

    Fortnite coming back is going to be a big challenge 1. Sweats (problem)

  • Dark


  • physicals

    When fortnite introduced matchmaking, they allowed me to start getting wins again, I could play more sweaty but sometimes I just want to enjoy myself, I can take down sweats but it’s not without struggle and some annoyance.

  • Unique_Ho3

    Sypher: Fornite is coming back His thumbnail: Ceeday

  • The only vegetarian
    The only vegetarian

    I used to love this game, I played from season 2-8 but then it was just not fun anymore becuase people just build skyscrapers over 1 shot, like bro it’s not that serious. I wish they would add a gamemode where you can build BUT you have a timer for building. So basically after like placing each peace you have to wait maybe like 2-3 second before you can put down somthing.

  • Otaku Tsukuin
    Otaku Tsukuin

    Im just gonna say it theres should be 2 different game modes for fortnite casual for players like us who want to do challenges and have fun with no turbo building no cranking 90’s just like the good old days everything is nerfed so it can feel like the old fortnite im talking season 1-4 then there should competitive for those who are pro’s/“toxic” players who want to go all out and for those who are doing cups as well add arena to it buff some of the weapons and keep everything thats competitve on there so they won’t have to be so mad with us that way you’ll keep everybody happy and you can have it lock as to have to be lvl 15 in order to play competitve similar to overwatch where yiu have to be lvl 25 for comp

  • suhleb

    this game was so much better when you didn’t have to build lmao

    • she flirts.
      she flirts.

      Back then you could build you mean people were like bots and didn’t know how to build just shoot

  • iCON-Emerald

    Its not back, its not coming back

  • Nathan Mone
    Nathan Mone


    • pikkivs np
      pikkivs np

      Lmao. But gays r not bad actually

  • Pineapplecurds 3
    Pineapplecurds 3

    Its not

  • Byow

    People say this every season im starting to lose faith tbh

  • Nominal

    Stopped playing this game because servers never arrived, and its in a place with servers for litterally every other game...

  • AKW

    NOOOOOO WHY WONT IT JUST DYE YET! It’s a good game but my lord let it die

    • AKW

      The color of a new popular game

    • AKW

      Haha ya I meant die sorry

    • pikkivs np
      pikkivs np

      What color do u want

  • Fireplayer Idk
    Fireplayer Idk

    No news about Ceeday?

  • MrVortex Guy
    MrVortex Guy

    dude its funny i literally just came back to it

  • Oni

    There is no rival for og days it’s impossible for it to return to how good it was

  • Bluffzi

    Competitive isn't fun because of it trying to be more basic now, and back then the community was thriving, in season 9 there was stink bombs, shockwaves, chug splashes, combat shotguns and more. Plus back then lots events were hosted in person and not run online, like the summer skirmish, secret skirmish, winter skirmish and the world cup, but covid put a stop to those.

  • Jayd3nTh3G0at

    Nah stfu

  • Bluffzi

    I wonder how modding will be used because rn for me at least all creative maps that don't have anything to do with like, zonewars or boxfights feel very scuffed. I always feel like my character is tiny or oversized, and I can't blame the creator, it's just the fact that Fortnite doesn't give you much creative control in, well creative.

  • Eryk !
    Eryk !

    1: i doubt fortnite will be at the same level as before when modding will be added .i think tho that the game will have a boost just like minecraft but just not right now maybe like 2-3 years maybe even more because people are at a stage in fortnite where they think "fortnite is for kids only and is shit" everyone thought about the same thing about minecraft in around 2015 and BUT another arguement is that fortnite is a totally different game to minecraft and even gtaV and rust 2 :its really hard for a game like fortnite to get back to its popularity in 2018-2019 or even get close to it and modding wont be as big of a boost if it wont come to console and all the other platforms not only pc and if it will be easy to acces and easy for people to download people mods,maps,idea,gamemodes etc 3 If fortnite does modding right .mods wont be as popular for the really casual players who are 80% of the poeple .like most people just get on fortnite and play battle royale solo,duo,squads,trio ltms and fortnite needs too add featured maps just like from crearive in the main menu screen and work with the community on it or for example create browser inga,e Just my thoughts btw

  • YTJesse3110

    Fortnite is trash and has been here since 2017

    • pikkivs np
      pikkivs np

      Did u sub him 3 yr ago like us ogs

  • Lachy-x

    Fortnite won't gain more popularity until daquan comes back

  • Mike Luis
    Mike Luis

    Imagine if it challenges the good old day also I still play fort since chapter 1 season 1

    • AssassinHamza12

      Chapter 1 season 5 lol

  • Jeaden Flens
    Jeaden Flens

    We need og graphics

  • Jeaden Flens
    Jeaden Flens

    They need to nerve turbo building if og fortnite is coming back

    • iCorn Garcia
      iCorn Garcia


  • mrgamer Najera
    mrgamer Najera

    It’s not

  • calii vargas
    calii vargas

    That outro was fast 🥺

  • Semo

    Just because you're back dosent mean that every OG youtuber is back

  • Miguel Navarrette
    Miguel Navarrette

    No it isn't heh

  • NJ_16

    It’s interesting that when kids were on Minecraft it wasn’t really popular but Fortnite was, then when the kids went to fortnite Minecraft increased in popularity and Fortnite declined mmmmm makes me wonder why the Fortnite age specifically says teen 13+

    • pikkivs np
      pikkivs np

      So what did minecraft learn.. To but 13+ In it

  • xXricapt4Xx

    Bro after every1 grinding on fortnite Im not playing again their to good

  • Kam

    I don't care about sweats, I just want the ch1 season 7 map, and the stuff In that season. Except the sword, forget that

  • Rogers


  • VapoR

    pls stfu

  • Jahmel Greaves-Jones
    Jahmel Greaves-Jones

    Fortnite better not come back. It's a dead game and should stay dead.

  • NoCoronaOnlyCOVID-19

    searched up grian and this came up

  • Godly_BTW

    The first thing they could do is adding SA servers because so many people from SA has stopped playing because of ping wich is very unfair because SA players have an average ping of 200 and when playing SA players play against people with 0 ping wich makes a whole lot of people stop playing the game and fortnite also loses alot of money. When epic games ads SA servers the popularity of competitive and casual games and even fortnite it self will skyrocket with new pro players.

  • Monte

    Yeah, I don’t think so

  • Braaap

    Just go back to season 3-5map with a few changes it would be perfect very easy solution

  • Peculiar


  • Extinction_Reaper

    That was the fastest break I have ever seen

  • Anne T. Bridges
    Anne T. Bridges

    Fearless caught my eye


    They degraded aim assist again


    I think

  • Zero🐉

    Fortnite is dead just give up on it

  • Richard Jordan
    Richard Jordan

    Lol minecraft is like the only game that had ever done that. And fortnite will never do that because its competitively based now and will never change, which doesnt allow new players to enjoy their experience.

  • Unreleased Traps
    Unreleased Traps

    No where missing daequan and hamliz

  • Harry Stafford
    Harry Stafford

    Unless they the old fortnite back, then it’s never gonna be the same

    • Real Deadpool
      Real Deadpool

      @arabpoop69 vehicles, abductors, fishing, swiming, charge shotgun, lever action, bosses, mythics, vaults, shakedown opponents, sand in season 5, crafting, sidegrading, bigger map, harpoons....

    • Ellen Hamilton
      Ellen Hamilton

      Start playing again I felt the same way but I’ve actually enjoyed the game, coming from someone who hated the game and hadn’t played it for atleast abyesr

    • arabpoop69

      best part of old fortnite wasnt the map nor getting wins the best part was just having fun. chapter 2 didn't really add shit in terms of map changes and items and if they did it stayed for only one season compared to chapter 1 desert and snow biomes

  • Kaiden Faust
    Kaiden Faust

    Eh I left fortnite and it would take a lot to come back tbh

  • Cawley

    Nah fortnite will never be good it’s cause of the sweats they are gonna quit again

  • Ryder Collins
    Ryder Collins

    Honestly I hate the sponsorships they should have just kept it to fortnite and creator skins. The sponsorships feel so fake and like they were just for money.

  • Ryder Collins
    Ryder Collins

    I doubt it

  • Tex

    NOOO NOT CORAL CASTLE, it was useless but its cute, is that why they added fishstick to the item shop?

  • Turbo Twins NJ
    Turbo Twins NJ

    I quit because it was too hard and there where too many crossovers and the banning of moilbe

  • Atlas -
    Atlas -

    We need a preferred weapon slot after placing build. For controller players

  • Totaldrop

    The thing is i am the biggest fortnite fan but the community i hate it like the ones are like 1v1 Me bOt

  • Ahmad Arain
    Ahmad Arain

    So fortnite will just become a gta ripoff

    • Ahmad Arain
      Ahmad Arain

      Gta for kids

  • Ghost RL Shorts
    Ghost RL Shorts


  • leonie jansen
    leonie jansen

    Ceeday is not coming back):

  • Wings2x On twitch
    Wings2x On twitch

    No fortnite is dead lmao

  • Matthew Figueroa
    Matthew Figueroa

    they should make a soccer team rumbel and bring back 50v50

  • Blaze on Coca-Cola
    Blaze on Coca-Cola

    If Fortnite wants to make a comeback they might have to bring their game back to iPhone so that the game is accessible to everyone

  • flink Motion
    flink Motion

    I just dropped a banger 😈

  • flink Motion
    flink Motion

    Im underrated btw 🖤

  • Mahki

    The first thing people are going to mod are the OG fortnite map. They can recreate chapter 1, for an example season x if you had fun but hated the mechs they can recreate it to be less chaotic and more fun

  • DinoVs Cats
    DinoVs Cats

    i just want people to stop comparing games

  • Melvin Rosario
    Melvin Rosario

    The day fortnite comes back will be the day ceeday, deaquan, and hamlinz come back

  • Elisha Manayil
    Elisha Manayil

    Welcome back SypherPk!

  • WeirdWhiteDog

    i wont return to playing in any real capacity unless they give us the older (better) graphics back

  • Emcyther


  • KUBY

    False fornite is terrible with the updates so I don’t think so

  • Game Master
    Game Master

    Waiting for it to come back out on apple devices

  • Chicky Nuggy
    Chicky Nuggy

    sry guys i just dont wanna go back to a communtiy of toxic 8 yr olds

  • N O   O F F E N C E 👀👀
    N O O F F E N C E 👀👀

    Fort nite is dead in my opinion

  • Mass Yat
    Mass Yat

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