Fortnite's First PAY TO LOSE Skin!
Today Loki just dropped and his HUGE horns are really weird, theres no other skin like him, you can shoot through parts of his head but its also VERY Pay to Lose.. Or is it Pay to Win?

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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about everything epic didn't tell you in todays new update! Today we're checking out Fortnite's First Pay To Lose skin! Hope you enjoy!

  • GD Nateer011
    GD Nateer011

    I mean, low-ki this skin is kinda pay to lose

  • RmgRxg

    He says how Loki is pay to lose when the peely skin is pretty much the same. What I mean is that the top of peelys head has no hurtbox just like Lokis horns, and they both make it so you can’t hide as well. Also there’s other skins like this such as the weird candy cane skin that came out during ch2 s5. Also do u notice that in the description, sypher says that there’s no other skin like Loki when there’s the skins I just mentioned. No hate to sypher, just thought I’d mention this cause it came to mind.

  • trolltagime 2007
    trolltagime 2007


  • Amin Raad
    Amin Raad

    Man i play with fun but i need someone to be fun like youre the best streammer i have but i wish i can play with you this is my dream to play with you 😭😭😭😭

  • Its DreeLow
    Its DreeLow

    After all he is the god of mischief

  • William Crosland
    William Crosland

    sypher: iTs a pAy tO lOsE sKiN Also sypher: so the hitbox it actually normal like if you think current sypher is all clickbait and no good content anymore

  • Nathaniel Rodger
    Nathaniel Rodger

    Whats with the red circle on the cross hears at 4:28

  • Nathaniel Rodger
    Nathaniel Rodger

    Thats loki op

  • sasuke0982

    Too many sweats little chill players

  • Nizar Mahrousa
    Nizar Mahrousa

    A yo this is the most sauce video so PT ever

  • Alt F4
    Alt F4

    how is it pay to lose if the horns are not shootable on the skin lmao. Don't clickbait

  • Angela Hoffner
    Angela Hoffner

    That’s why he is the god of mischief

  • Mohammad Siddique
    Mohammad Siddique

    2:08 u missed a lama right In front of you. Rookie 😂😂

  • cheez

    the uncommon rarity easter skins have the massive ears and they have the same effect as loki

  • Russian Gamer
    Russian Gamer

    It's far from being the first

  • dudewheresmyfun

    Chill im just trying to play a normal game

  • DrE38

    4:34 lol how was that Scar missed ;_;

  • DrE38

    1:40 - pretty sure because he's on performance mode.

  • agrey84

    "I'm shaking them for you" ,sus pk

  • Warden

    I find it Ironic that Loki is the God of Mischief and how his horns are tricking people

  • Jeffrey Peralta Jr
    Jeffrey Peralta Jr

    There was a lama by the map on 2:09

  • El Bee
    El Bee

    2:45 What dude?

  • Folklore

    "Loki, one of the most interesting skins because of his big..." **ill let you finish**

  • Beastylg

    Your aot shirt is dope

  • Woflye

    The cape physics are like that because your on performance mode

  • Woflye

    The cape physics are like that because your on performance mode


    You missed a lama

  • stacey leblanc
    stacey leblanc

    Thanos has a lil bit bigger hit boj

  • syrus khoo
    syrus khoo

    2.08 sypher did you not seeeeee

  • ColeNoName

    Llama at 2:09

  • Kolton Gustafson
    Kolton Gustafson

    Sypher, you can do the same with the red edit style of surf witch because the horns are as big

  • Rianna Myles
    Rianna Myles

    Im a girl but i love it

  • XI Rarity
    XI Rarity

    i was playing duos today ... duo died but i took the ufo dipped and stayed at height all game did not fire once.... i saw them all the noobs the sweats , i was god and at the end the dub was mine

  • FnafFortnite Flix
    FnafFortnite Flix

    I have a season idea the season will be cold meme so basically this season is all about to bring the game back to fun and to enjoy it more and to get rid of most of the sweats in the game it’ll have the boogie bombs balloons Jetpacks and all that kind of stuff

  • Kronoswastaken

    It is the same thing with ragnorok

  • Darrell Gillard
    Darrell Gillard

    Its not a big deal

  • Trbn Sioso
    Trbn Sioso

    The face on the skin looks nothing like the real charatrer

  • Ahmad Abuzaitoon
    Ahmad Abuzaitoon

    Sypher: Let the horns stick out Me: 😑🤨


    the skin epic meant to be pay to lose: sad noises

  • nottycrazz


  • Hype Reaper
    Hype Reaper

    What about peely??

  • Parsa Nazari
    Parsa Nazari

    Im not sure but i think the reason that his cape is like that is beacuse that you are on performance mode im not sure

  • richard blue
    richard blue

    Um, peely?

  • sam raney
    sam raney

    2:10 he missed a lama

  • mad max
    mad max

    But im sick

  • NJR10JR

    I've been waiting for a pay to lose skin

  • RegyXD

    same with rick’s hair

  • Lorenzo Cebedo
    Lorenzo Cebedo

    i noticed hes shirt is attack on titan lmao

  • GWSB ✔️
    GWSB ✔️

    Loki is lowkey insane at the game Oh wait I didn’t mean to make a pun 😅

  • GWSB ✔️
    GWSB ✔️

    Pay to make mischief 😈

  • Caleb Davis
    Caleb Davis

    For me the cape is not stiff it’s just your game

  • Marie Ann Operaña
    Marie Ann Operaña

    Check mccreamys video

  • Dylan Potato
    Dylan Potato

    Love the content

  • Abrianna Benson
    Abrianna Benson

    if u wanted a skin what would it be

  • C Allen
    C Allen

    did everyone see that lama or am i crazy

  • Lactose Cheese
    Lactose Cheese

    I only clicked on this video because i noticed it had 666k views

  • KeilyKer

    What a party🔥

  • Da bearz
    Da bearz

    It’s not pay to lose you just want views

  • 3xtr4ct

    4:33 only pain when he left the scar :(

  • Mike Marchand
    Mike Marchand

    Boring 🥱

  • ᴀ ʙ ᴇ ᴋ ꜱ я я я ᴜ ɴ ᴏ
    ᴀ ʙ ᴇ ᴋ ꜱ я я я ᴜ ɴ ᴏ

    That was an insane W my guy lol .

  • Thunder106

    His laugh 😆

  • Luke C
    Luke C

    Loki bro it look sick

  • ScaryAndYou

    Im not much of a sweat unless its endgame,arena or a cup

  • ItisMix

    He didn’t see the llama lmao

  • DrivenLattice19 minor
    DrivenLattice19 minor

    Bunch of sweats anymore ..i did box up and dance most of the game

  • A JAY Uchiha
    A JAY Uchiha

    The cape doesnt look like that for me mine is so smooth...

  • 22 Aaditya Bajaj
    22 Aaditya Bajaj


  • Theo Clarke
    Theo Clarke

    Well Loki is the god of mischief so it makes sense he’s confusing people with it

  • Satan

    Its not the first pay to lose skin tho

  • Hadi Moh
    Hadi Moh


  • _ Conor
    _ Conor

    some would say... the hitbox is a bit mischeivious

  • Joseph Gomwalk
    Joseph Gomwalk

    1000th solo wins bruh I just have 2 😭

  • ktomtea

    cape issue comes from performance mode's reduced movement


    But what about all the other skins that have horns? For example Haze (the second version)

  • It’s Not Me
    It’s Not Me

    Nice shirt

  • Casey Ogilvie
    Casey Ogilvie

    When you try and fu um face you opponent

  • Mohammed Alasmar
    Mohammed Alasmar

    Can you speak sum Arabic in ur video for once


    Come on dawg come on mannnn - Boosie

  • Nexy OJF
    Nexy OJF

    I have this

  • Marco van Graan
    Marco van Graan

    Don't worry PK I still play for fun

  • Rayaan Sarfraz
    Rayaan Sarfraz

    If ur in performance mode the cape physics are much more stiff only subtle movements have fluidity

  • Casual Kiwi 121
    Casual Kiwi 121

    Well this is a lie cause fortnite has a skin with the words “pay to lose” on him

  • AirsoftAkula

    Boys, we’ve been clickbated

  • Cosmic Realities
    Cosmic Realities

    Sypher be doing clickbait

  • pit._stop

    You get it

  • pit._stop

    Your loki carked

  • JanelForever 420
    JanelForever 420

    How is he sniping them thru the build tf

  • Vamp Hunter Z
    Vamp Hunter Z

    Trying to meme in Fortnite is a challenge

  • Amna Yas
    Amna Yas

    More like pay to laugh🤣

  • isaacc

    i peep the aot shirt sypher

  • Lordio

    4:23 *its kinda hard because everyone you fu- you face* nice save

  • Andrew Valentino
    Andrew Valentino

    12 bucks a month for this…

  • Tarskybull Beme
    Tarskybull Beme

    5:27 BRUH where is this dude aiming, he was aiming for another country

  • viraltiktoks

    Ow, fffffff------------- Frickkkkkkkkkk’

  • ChaosXBrigade

    Change it to 5th get your facts straight

  • Ross Spencer
    Ross Spencer

    Who else cringed when he passed the llama at 2:08

  • ?Sounds

    Loki not LOki

  • Marico Nash
    Marico Nash

    At 2:44 slow it down to see what happens.

  • Luke McCann
    Luke McCann

    I don't get how it's pay to lose

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1,1 mil.