HUGE Map Changes Coming To Fortnite Season 7!

  • JaydenKieltyVlogs

    Imagine if Kevin the Cube is under Coral Castle…

  • Itsdeveloper000q

    So the zero point is not in the mothership yet it went straight down but yiu cant see it

  • Al Brink
    Al Brink

    The zero point is back in the ground

  • sweaty oreos
    sweaty oreos

    I have a theory listen under coral Castle could be Kevin the cube I may be wrong and also I know that Kevin is dead but this map has a different universe so u can't say I'm wrong and u can't say I'm right and also why would they want coral castle if it doesn't have anything they want

  • Alex .-.
    Alex .-.

    I'd love to see Starry Suburbs come back. Anyone else agree?

  • Lliden Christians
    Lliden Christians


  • Janelle Menzel
    Janelle Menzel

    I’m subesribed

  • TheDelicateDesigner 06
    TheDelicateDesigner 06

    How do u even get the parasites off ur face

  • Andrew Sotelo
    Andrew Sotelo

    I know

  • Vorzie

    My mom said if i get 1k subs i can get a dog

  • esau5434

    Maybe their abducting coral because ch.1 there was the volcano where Mecha was built

  • PokemonClips 143
    PokemonClips 143

    I have the crew pack

  • Brandon Oler
    Brandon Oler

    I have the crew pack @Sypherpk

  • Mindless Bray
    Mindless Bray

    The game I loved went fukkin Hollywood for kids‼️ I was cold too😕

  • Carson and Friends
    Carson and Friends

    It's worth subscribing it has more than 100 players

  • DiNo NugGyS
    DiNo NugGyS

    If u asked me my least favorite poi I would say stealthy stronghold necause I forgot about coral

  • DiNo NugGyS
    DiNo NugGyS

    My theory is that coral will be destroyed while the party at believers beach is going on and the people will be excited about it but the mothership might destroy believers beach

  • John Heino
    John Heino

    Loki,s mom and dad are ailien,s

  • Rudi Tizzano
    Rudi Tizzano

    I got crew pack

  • kendra olson
    kendra olson

    I'm going to be

  • Mason Stoltz 28
    Mason Stoltz 28

    Tilted Towers?

  • thatBoxerkidd

    Hey Sypher can you uh gift me that crew pack also Coral Cast... wait... coral castle is the walmart version of Atlantis

  • Gaming_Rene11

    Sypher if we have the June crew pack do we get the July pack

  • Terri McHenry
    Terri McHenry

    Loki coming to frotnite makes a lot of sence cuz in the Avengers movie, aliens were on Loki's side from the dark hole in the sky

  • tested is cold
    tested is cold


  • Kian MM
    Kian MM

    3:32 *top LEFT top right is steamy

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer

    Fun fact: Slone's Pulse Rifle does the same damage as the Spire Guardian's mythic primal rifle

  • Otap jr.
    Otap jr.

    Im subscribed to crew pack since its start But i think im not gonna get loki this time Idont have money

  • Makaio Tsosie
    Makaio Tsosie

    i feel like the gernade is gonna be like those zero gravity areas in chapter one during the floating island

  • FlamoGaming

    Holly Hedges is actually going to be renamed 'Holly Hatchery' with the new update lmao

  • Łêb

    Imagine the DC and marvel team up 😳

  • Kieran Lehman
    Kieran Lehman

    mr sypher pk can you add me on discord i sent you a friend request im the therachet

  • The GGs
    The GGs

    Can they just stop leaking stuff like if you already know what’s gonna happen it’s not exiting

  • Mary Wheelis
    Mary Wheelis

    Hey I notice Spheres book is still in the game! Love 💘 how it is still above caddy corner!

  • Jayface321

    Season 4 dusty divot vibes poggers

  • Xoey Kuczkowski
    Xoey Kuczkowski

    Yayyyyy... coral castle can burn in fortnite hell

  • halospark

    No going back to chapter 1 map.

  • J_K

    Maybe they are taking Coral for research. Or maybe the builders of Coral were aliens too.

  • Jewlz

    im getting it

  • wyd jammie
    wyd jammie

    bruh it just happen the update just happened

  • Croaksy-_-

    All I want is galactus to come back to fortnite

  • Emergency Bender
    Emergency Bender

    I am subscribed to the crew pack Sypher!

  • Ashley RICHARDS
    Ashley RICHARDS

    Yooo a lot loadoits is what I’ve been saying since 2018 let’s goo

  • You Are bad
    You Are bad

    He is an alien

  • Johan Pragi
    Johan Pragi

    Accualy there is a gray challenge that says land at holly hatches or somethink like that

    • Johan Pragi
      Johan Pragi

      Oops holly hath Chery

  • Evan Gaver
    Evan Gaver

    I want cows to be an animals

  • emely ruiz
    emely ruiz

    why does everyone hate on coral castle?i love it because it reminds me of the water season and that was an amazing season and i had so much fun,i want coral castle to stay😭

  • ColteTheBolt And TraceTheAce
    ColteTheBolt And TraceTheAce

    Epic games should take out space ships they are to overpowered or they should make them worse.

  • Pete Newell
    Pete Newell

    Used to buy crew pack but 90% of the skins are trash

  • SimmerJonny

    I’m subscribed to the Crew Pack

  • German Nino
    German Nino

    Everything looks so cool

  • German Nino
    German Nino

    Bro i want to play fortnite but i'm on a vacation :(

  • Maxx Hermann
    Maxx Hermann

    At farmer steel’s farm, it was starting change because of the parasites attacking

  • Rallying Peanut
    Rallying Peanut

    At holly hedges there is a place called holly hatchery

  • Multi team pro
    Multi team pro

    its a voice over kid

  • Joschua Vallecillo
    Joschua Vallecillo

    Am suscribe

  • Joschua Vallecillo
    Joschua Vallecillo


  • Mojica Nation
    Mojica Nation

    I’m dub to the crew pack

  • Fishy

    WRH does every one hate coral castle

  • Kayla Murphy
    Kayla Murphy

    I am sub to crew pack

  • Jehan Aljaaf
    Jehan Aljaaf

    So I won’t get to get in arena with my super hero COMBO?

  • Ten Percent
    Ten Percent

    I am subbed to the crew

  • Fn Retakez
    Fn Retakez

    When ur watching sypher and a sypher ad comes on,

  • Tate Hay
    Tate Hay

    Could care less what happens to coral as long as it’s gone. I have never liked that place. I get the crew pack skins and in my opinion they are sub par so far. I keep sticking with it hoping they will get better

  • Al§x wa%y
    Al§x wa%y

    Nick eh 30 has the proof the lever shotgun is good and don’t photo shop

  • Sunair abid is my name
    Sunair abid is my name

    Do you actually think you're content is good

  • super Viper
    super Viper

    Hi hi hi

  • 1txit1

    when is this happening

  • Elliott Pennington
    Elliott Pennington

    I have the crew I’m a actually exited for Loki

  • ArkzFN

    3:34 - top left*

  • Ninjaslicers

    I am subscribed to fortnite crew and I love

  • NGV_Fazemas

    That was a great video

  • Graav Plays
    Graav Plays

    Everyone hates coral

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    I was subscribed but I couldn't handle the money y'know?

  • Graeme Ferns
    Graeme Ferns

    I think it'd better be called Holly Hatchery

  • Horus Gaming
    Horus Gaming

    It would be funny if they made rideable cows like the boars and frogs

  • SuperFireTurtle14

    Jesus Loves you

  • Dark Picsart Bear - FNBR
    Dark Picsart Bear - FNBR

    The Zero Point wasn’t Abducted, it was pushed back into the IO facility under the map

  • Luke Eichel
    Luke Eichel

    Am I the only one that thinks the mothership is going to steamy stacks

  • Nicholas Gehringer
    Nicholas Gehringer

    The bubles with soccer is nockerball

  • Nicholas Gehringer
    Nicholas Gehringer

    They did not get the zeropoint it shot down the ground so they came back to the island to find it by abducting and taking over places to find the zeropoint.

  • Cool Luis
    Cool Luis

    I subbed for only two month’s

  • Creeper Sharer
    Creeper Sharer

    i am now subscribe to the crew because 12 dollars is just too much

  • Divine Encore
    Divine Encore


  • Шизик

    Please something about Tilted Towers

  • Angus MacIntosh
    Angus MacIntosh

    John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” Jesus loves you.


    dude loki in marvel avengers 2012 he was fighting with aliens vs the avengers

  • Jarvis_on_the_PS

    Theory about loki: loki is mad at thor and unleashed an army of aliens to kill him

  • Ritvik Singhal
    Ritvik Singhal

    I think the cow suit is kinda like the mythic groot ball in chapter 2 season 4 but the difference is it doesn’t heal the player at least that is what I think..

  • Liam White
    Liam White

    is it an update?

  • Finzard YT
    Finzard YT

    There should be an NPC at compact cars that is wearing some broken iron man armour and you can buy a stark rifle or challenge them and some broken robots from stark industrys for the mythics

  • penny couppis
    penny couppis



    Damn u killed me

  • Scott Lyons
    Scott Lyons

    I'm subbed to the crew pack

  • Fabian Benitez
    Fabian Benitez

    Sypher its clockwise counter is left

  • Kkiren

    Guys if you didnt know Loki summoned the chimera aliens in marvel soooooo

  • Theo braidwood
    Theo braidwood

    Today is my birthday I’m trying to get 100 subs since I got not presents

  • Michael Wood
    Michael Wood

    I broke my wrist it doesn't stop me playing fortnite my parents don't know this

  • Neil Schacenberg
    Neil Schacenberg

    I have crow it is nice

  • Aleesya Gaming
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