I Spectated a Fortnite Player in EVERY Region... (who's better?)
A lot of people have been spectating solos so I decided to try it out for the first time and I found some of the FUNNIEST stuff I've ever seen in Fortnite! Hope you enjoy!

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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about everything epic didnt tell you in Fortnite Season 7! Today I spectated a fortnite solo in EVERY region to figure out which region is the best in Fortnite Seaosn 7! Hope you enjoy!

  • Catalina Crosby
    Catalina Crosby

    6:10 when he said jenjutsu I started laughing and I surprised he watched naruto. (I am new to the channel.)


    I do NA EAST I you are correct

  • XD-Dee

    Fortnite take your ping into consideration when applying skill based mathmaking, this is why you got in lobbies with AI's and bad players on most servers. Queue up in arena in each region.


    "Headshot for 10" I was dying!

  • Ashy

    love how the thumbnail is just a guy name good player dropping a 23

  • Kamado Tanjirou
    Kamado Tanjirou

    When you realize middle East pros play only arena:

  • Kamado Tanjirou
    Kamado Tanjirou

    Middle East is my server and me players are actually cracked hop into a arena game and u ll see

  • John Her
    John Her

    The ninja skin in the beginning is better than me I don’t know how to build

  • Skleafix

    Na east is the one I play and it is so toxic so mean I only have 1 friend witch is my bro that doesn’t play I lost 2 friends from there meanness

  • VerticTe_Trouper !
    VerticTe_Trouper !

    I’m in na east and yes it’s terrible

  • Pikachu and Zuko Avatar Pokémon
    Pikachu and Zuko Avatar Pokémon

    Sypher talking like it’s the world cup

  • pdpr_02

    Stpher its heartbreaking for asia servers that u say that they are dying to bots but when you play asia servers that are sweaty lobbys its litterly like your playing pub arena s

  • RayhanFN

    Is anyone realizing there is an ai jump scoping!🤔

  • Samuel Cherry
    Samuel Cherry

    At the start tho

  • Samuel Cherry
    Samuel Cherry

    I’m Oceana and I’m better than the player you were watching

  • Hosam John
    Hosam John

    The video photo says elinmate by subscribing i swear

  • مستر وكنج
    مستر وكنج


  • Sajida Ibrahim
    Sajida Ibrahim

    I need a poo be right back…. Ok sylhet is a good content crafter

  • dz240s 〆
    dz240s 〆

    If only sypher saw my end game (eu) there was 30 players left in pubs and i won it with 7 kills im negl eu lobbies are fun but are so skillfull at the same time

  • Fxrce

    I hope he didn’t see me play when he was in Middle East servers cuz I’m tras

  • Tklode

    I love the thumbnail it says لاعب جيد which means good player and the القضاء عن طريق الاشتراك means Killed through subscribing so intelligent

  • Toxic Knight
    Toxic Knight

    After watching this I went on Asia to see what would happen and I got #95 place after getting 1 pumped with a COMMON SHOTGUN. Is that possible or was that person a hacker? Edit1: it happened again but with a purple pump😰

  • Carta Fasoli
    Carta Fasoli

    i took that dub on Oceania and saw this vid

  • izhan nawfal
    izhan nawfal

    My server is asia but all people in my server is sweat

  • War Agar YT
    War Agar YT

    the tumbnail name said good player in arabic

  • TommyKing152

    I'll say people in NA East aren't really fun to fight against so yeah as there's always toxic emotes i see

  • L2Slush

    This is how sypher gets in bot games

  • GAMING sterotypes
    GAMING sterotypes

    Why does everyone think Asia players I get it they are bad but they are new If there not so what stop being a bitch

  • Drifty Scopes
    Drifty Scopes

    Fun fact : sypher put middle east in the title and didnt react to it

    • Carta Fasoli
      Carta Fasoli

      he did not

  • Rubber BanBan
    Rubber BanBan

    I love this CONTENT👀

  • Hamster 🐹
    Hamster 🐹

    What about Middle East?

  • Shadow skull gaming
    Shadow skull gaming


  • Shadow skull gaming
    Shadow skull gaming

    Sypher said don’t die to the recon scanner even do it was a rail gun lmao

  • Kuno_edits sasuke
    Kuno_edits sasuke

    Sypher caught lacking at 5:44

  • Floryxx♧♤

    Sypher i am brazillian and idk Why brazil lobbies was weird but 1st of all idk but my lobbies are way sweatier i am not saying i am good ur 9999999999% better then me but my lobbies are full of sweats

  • 𝙲𝚒𝚚𝚘シ

    Nae is so toxic ngl

  • ALV1 Music
    ALV1 Music

    I should start playing in asia servers, I'll be cracked af lmao.

    • Fxrce

      I live in Asia but it’s the highest ping the lowest is Middle East and r u saying Asian servers trash? 😂 they’re better than me I’m worse than a default

  • mArcane

    Can confirm: na east is a sweat fest where ever single player will donkey laugh

  • Kai Noctis
    Kai Noctis

    Asia just hurts to watch man

  • Furiousgamer 0428
    Furiousgamer 0428

    I meant ai

  • Furiousgamer 0428
    Furiousgamer 0428

    I actually found the worst fortnite player every time we play dous he either dies to a single or storm or even kill his self and he’s 15

    • Furiousgamer 0428
      Furiousgamer 0428

      Dies to a ai

  • Altaf Jalali
    Altaf Jalali

    ima start playing on asian servers to get me new pr :)

  • Sam

    Do you mean aside players are bad

  • darryl gyemore
    darryl gyemore

    bro the 180 flick on a wolf

  • Mr Kremey
    Mr Kremey

    Hmm now I see why America has a weight problem all kids swear at fortnite like losers

  • Plugz W-Keys
    Plugz W-Keys

    I really want u to spectate me on Asia servers it would be very interesting and good for content and if needed my ign is IGotDroppedAgain and honestly I am decent

  • Suresh Gokul
    Suresh Gokul

    Guys sypher spectate me i am sweaty

  • Jean Francois
    Jean Francois


  • Kakol

    why saying wall hacking it’s bot

  • PokeGamingMike

    Now I’m gonna play on the Asia server

  • Emiliano Rodriguez
    Emiliano Rodriguez

    what did he sayy

  • TiGRenX

    لاعب جيد=good player

  • Jouki

    Why am i EU bro its the sweatiest region

  • Jessica Scritchfield
    Jessica Scritchfield

    can i 1v1 u sypherpk

  • Malek Mahmoud
    Malek Mahmoud

    Me: uhh sypher you better nor see middle east servers there is no bots only sweats Him: uses midlle east server

  • Mohammad Ayman
    Mohammad Ayman

    لاعب جيد Means good player

  • Ribal Gaming
    Ribal Gaming

    We are Middle East bro we are Arabs the best

  • Jen L
    Jen L

    And pop off

  • Jen L
    Jen L

    If you where live streaming I would be in the match

  • dude yt
    dude yt


  • FIRE rj gaming 276
    FIRE rj gaming 276


  • Char les.
    Char les.

    5:43. SUS

  • Anthony Reaction tv
    Anthony Reaction tv

    Am do Guyana

  • ItsChiccYo

    0:31 my man said lazy links

  • oliverisshort

    Oceania is sweaty during our nightime lol not the middle of the day

  • Wallthix

    Hey sypher, you should do this in arena! I hope you wil read this and keep it up 🔥👹

    • Andrew Aguilar
      Andrew Aguilar

      You can't lol

  • TYX Powerz
    TYX Powerz

    I play asia servers I swear they are out of the level

  • Nate Dyson
    Nate Dyson

    no shot he just called Lazy Lake, "Lazy Links" 💀🤣

  • Kiisteric

    Sypher: Asia servers worst players Shypers' mind: go back Riot games

  • N2 Sxolar
    N2 Sxolar

    Everyone on na sweat🤦‍♂️

  • AlphaZero

    9:13 Welcome to NA East Servers

  • Ananasmhhh

    Du is definitely the best for young pros

  • Montage Monster
    Montage Monster

    Istg the ufo is the new mech

  • Joseph A Stephen
    Joseph A Stephen

    syphers has sunny"s shirt

  • JayBird


  • CakeBakeMakeCreate

    [3:12] “BROTHER, GET OFF THAT BUSH!”🤣💀

  • Kellan Zheng
    Kellan Zheng

    That ninja skin is bot

  • Simon John Estrada
    Simon John Estrada


  • Levi Belot
    Levi Belot

    Trust me not all Oceania players are this bad😂

  • Logan Norris
    Logan Norris

    Plz more vids like this

  • Logan Norris
    Logan Norris

    “She hit him with the genjutsu”

  • Tiffany Thompson
    Tiffany Thompson

    I have to play na east and I go against is sweats and toxic players

  • Gabriel Valota Cortez
    Gabriel Valota Cortez

    Hey sypher i came here to say that dont exist brazilian server but exist the south americam server

  • jessica russell ajose
    jessica russell ajose

    Scypher how u have bots on asia

  • Tutorials und Games
    Tutorials und Games


  • Asheel Saqib
    Asheel Saqib

    using genjutsu legend

  • Jacob Kocur
    Jacob Kocur

    As an non toxic Na East player i now hate my servers

  • khalil

    This is so sad, sypher won't even show my reigon because of how sweaty it is

    • Tyler Arnold
      Tyler Arnold



    The weird thing that I thought the video was Arabic until I saw the video name…

  • Khaalid Moothosamy
    Khaalid Moothosamy

    sypher you can see if he is on controller because they swap from one slot to another and on pc you can switch to anyone of them and i love that you said "genjutsu"

  • Wolf Clan
    Wolf Clan

    Are you an Arab

    • علي رجال خطأ علي بنت صح خكري
      علي رجال خطأ علي بنت صح خكري


  • Shafi Azdee
    Shafi Azdee

    i played in the Asian servers and man the players were trash.they were so bad that they only did ufo spam

  • Josue Castaneda
    Josue Castaneda

    what is the pickaxe on 0:58 called

  • aimgod5461

    I love how he is eating popcorn lol

  • The Brickbot
    The Brickbot

    at first I read this as EVERY religion and I was like WTF

  • Zain777max

    Sypher: he is spamming L2 he is on controller! Me: welcome to the middle East where people still spam L2 even though aim assist is nerfed

  • scuff3d_a.i.m.

    0:32 i love how he said: we got some players in LAZY LINKS

  • El_diablo

    Sypher pique

  • Pascual Ethan Mikhailo
    Pascual Ethan Mikhailo

    I feel like I’m the best player in Asia servers but i dont know