I Spectated Fortnite Players and GUESSED Their Stats!
We're BACK with another spectating solos video but this time we have to GUESS how many wins the players have! Hope you enjoy!

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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about spectating a fortnite solo in EVERY region! In todays video, we spectate a fortnite game and GUESS players wins and stats! Hope you enjoy!

  • Mattinater

    Idk man I’m good and i have like 4 in solos so I mean wins don’t represent skill that well

  • biogod

    I used to have them with 200 wins but then I changed my name and now I only have 20

  • Grubhub Commercial
    Grubhub Commercial

    1:55 i can’t 😭

  • The boi
    The boi

    And Hamed got the dub!

  • The boi
    The boi

    What crazy is that my names Haamid

  • aziz super
    aziz super

    How many wins do you have


    I play like a average player and I have 150 solo wins

  • Raquel Huggins
    Raquel Huggins

    The time when he threw a tire at a ufo. Lol lmao

  • L and B's Pokémon
    L and B's Pokémon

    I have 2 haha duo I don't no

  • Sami Junior
    Sami Junior

    Is hamed Persian ???

    • Sami Junior
      Sami Junior

      Pls tell me

  • HC Shorts
    HC Shorts

    Dam content running dry huh?

  • Tek pulse
    Tek pulse

    0:50 Nah he’s just not an adict

  • ReqzYT

    What am I watching

  • Daddy onKFC WiFi
    Daddy onKFC WiFi


  • Hama Zanko
    Hama Zanko

    Look i have 12 solo win but i am pretty good at the game i have 350 win with all i just don’t play solos

  • قاسم دادا
    قاسم دادا

    i think hamad is lagging

  • Lazyboi

    I wish he spectated me. Most of the oceana ones were disappointing

  • Nightbot.

    Damn I wish my lobby was that trash

  • Anxed

    when i played why couldnt i find people like this

  • SolidGoldYT

    If he were to spectate me he would be like wow this guy is really good me with 4 solo wins uhhh I don't think your right

  • Shakhnoza Salamova
    Shakhnoza Salamova

    This is proof sypher has bot lobbys

  • Ephezien Lovius
    Ephezien Lovius

    bro i swear to god hammed has frickin aimbot he doesnt miss a shot look at 4:10

  • Alex Saint
    Alex Saint

    I have god lobby’s. Everyone bot lobby’s

  • SaturneKx

    1:20 ive been playing since season 2 and i only have ~40 wins edit: when i actually try i can get around a win a day but i dont play a lot because i find it more fun to watch

  • BloodScorpion

    11:59 fun fact that was actually tiko

  • Lucas Kaufmann
    Lucas Kaufmann

    Guys in OCE being so low on wins 'cause fresh be eliminating them all😂

  • Joshua Yac
    Joshua Yac

    If u watch fearless u know who is faze bugha

  • ItsRaul Broski
    ItsRaul Broski

    I wish he spectated me lol

  • Iucas-R6

    when I play Fortnite I get sweats, I'm oce but I get sweats in my lobbies

  • Jonathan Perez
    Jonathan Perez

    How do I see people wins in what website

  • Aiden Sepulveda
    Aiden Sepulveda

    Hey sypher you don't have to be so toxic and the only person who sucks is you

  • Pricey

    I have a friend who is trash and he has being playing since day 1

  • Ktgfp

    7:26 my man Jordan up in here???

  • Jack Powell
    Jack Powell

    1:29 Oh c’mon! Why couldn’t he have just 1 more win?

  • HolyMoleyRat

    I didn’t know abt the website but regret looking myself up. 18 solo wins, 5 duos, 1 squads. I’m not a bad player, even my friends admit I might be better than them and they are really good. Then again, I started in season 16.

  • BouserBros

    Why call peaple trash they prob start chapter 2 I started season 8 am ok but not good ok ok ok ok stupid

  • BouserBros

    I don’t like how he criticizes peaple and how they play they play how they play not a fan cypherpk no sub lolll

  • Dylan

    8:45 My favourite part of the video

  • Brytain Marie
    Brytain Marie


  • Brytain Marie
    Brytain Marie


  • Brytain Marie
    Brytain Marie


  • Brytain Marie
    Brytain Marie


  • Brytain Marie
    Brytain Marie

    1 0000

  • Brytain Marie
    Brytain Marie


  • Rasmus Pikkumäki
    Rasmus Pikkumäki

    I'm a season 4 player and I have 40 wina

  • 1kiloMilo_YT

    Im way better then the first guy that had like 300 solo wins and i have like 30 solo wins but like in total 150 wins??

  • JoEMAma

    You spectated me I was the guy with the heals


    The elite agent could have quit for a very long time

  • Clixシ

    Heyyyyy oceana arent that badddddd

  • Misty_CoolClub

    Hey I checked and and fortnite tracker got my wins wrong

  • Andres Jirau
    Andres Jirau

    Not everyone plays a lot of solos like me

  • Crystal Clan
    Crystal Clan

    My other acc :Baby2667

  • Crystal Clan
    Crystal Clan

    Can you search my stats : Crystal Jetz

  • Local Native
    Local Native

    Jev: spectating solos in war zone Sypher: hold my Persian

  • HaloMaster BlackDeath
    HaloMaster BlackDeath

    trust me sypher not everyone on oce servers is that trash

  • JA

    The first match you had the most wins

  • Insertname Here
    Insertname Here

    Sypher lost 3 easy wins R.I.P


    9:40 u know sypher doesn’t miss the old days. When u used to jump to get the chest even he said break it.

  • keki


  • KeepingUp WithIan
    KeepingUp WithIan

    Hamed told his brother to play

  • Braylon Dominguez
    Braylon Dominguez

    I am the best out of all of these player dut only have around 30 wins.

    • Braylon Dominguez
      Braylon Dominguez


  • Sniper_Specialist_18

    Bot lobbies I’m OCE and I’m a sweat and play with lots of sweats

  • Uthman Mayet
    Uthman Mayet

    I play in madid east

  • Derpy Cat
    Derpy Cat

    Wow there's a lot of bots on oce

  • AstroMB

    Sypher, you should do this again but guess what arena division they are in😁

  • Grootey


  • Diesel Brown
    Diesel Brown

    Haha, I haven’t played a pub solo in literally like 2 years 😂

    • Oliver Brown
      Oliver Brown

      I play arena

    • Croqzy ツ
      Croqzy ツ

      @XD urbi yeah g, calling others a 'kid' but you neither can spell right

    • Fransico Abaloッ
      Fransico Abaloッ

      Fr it so anoyying with ufos

    • XD urbi
      XD urbi

      And thats caled fortnite kid

    • Lofi Mikoto
      Lofi Mikoto


  • iShaduh

    Dude is it me or is everyone here so bad compared to you but they have more wins

  • Pro Plays YT
    Pro Plays YT


  • Pro Plays YT
    Pro Plays YT

    Yoo on crazy killer I guess 63 I was so close!

  • Leo the Alien
    Leo the Alien

    Bruh hamed was a hacker man

  • Dutch kru
    Dutch kru

    how is he in those kinda lobbies i would destroy every single one of them

  • Dušan Bašić
    Dušan Bašić

    Faze bug has😂😂😂

  • Shadowz For Jft
    Shadowz For Jft

    Solo 242

  • Andrea Chessa
    Andrea Chessa

    Try to watch EU servers ahah PLAYERS ARE DIFFERENT ;D @SypherPK

  • Abbas Chahrour
    Abbas Chahrour

    I loveeeee the comedy

  • Hamxa SZN
    Hamxa SZN

    Do this again but middle east servers because I want to show u as well

  • ghazts

    i need to play more i only got like 13 solo and I'm better than basiclay 99% of everyone he spectated

  • Reading Support with Jen
    Reading Support with Jen

    What the fffrick family fendley

    • Reading Support with Jen
      Reading Support with Jen

      Sypher pk

  • Lochie Clifton
    Lochie Clifton

    Your running out of ideas

  • Aiden prakash
    Aiden prakash

    I think I have 10 wins in solo

    • Leo the Alien
      Leo the Alien

      @Aiden prakash I didn’t say I had 1000 solo wins I’ve got like 200 solo wins on all my accounts

    • Aiden prakash
      Aiden prakash

      @Leo the Alien bro you only have 35 wins in will but you still have a 1,000

    • Leo the Alien
      Leo the Alien

      @Aiden prakash ive got multiple accounts but my main one is Leo killed ya

    • Aiden prakash
      Aiden prakash

      @Leo the Alien what is your username I need to check your stats

    • Leo the Alien
      Leo the Alien

      I’ve got 1,3 k

  • Noodg23 S
    Noodg23 S

    Search my name it’s noodg23 and I play on Nintendo

  • Ibrahim

    That’s the first vedio title I had ever heard

  • Jen Pillay
    Jen Pillay

    Middle east is so weird even though I play on it

  • Peter Wilson
    Peter Wilson

    More of these please ☺️


    Me over here with 1 solo win

    • Leo the Alien
      Leo the Alien

      Me over here with 50 solo wins because I don’t play solo it’s too easy I only play solo duo and solo squads and has got 600 wins on duo and 500 wins on squad 💪


    There is no faze bugha

  • G Wizz YT
    G Wizz YT

    Most of the people on middle east are playing on 130 ping from south afrika

  • the no thumbnail guy
    the no thumbnail guy

    your lobbies are shit

  • Famous Seamus
    Famous Seamus

    ray gun is good okay.. i like it

  • Alanplayz1230 _V2 Games
    Alanplayz1230 _V2 Games

    im super sweaty and i only got 1 solo win LOL

  • livart IFamily
    livart IFamily

    11:05 couldn’t stop laughing 😂😂


    Me to I have 3wins

  • Abram gaming
    Abram gaming

    I didn’t see your channel in so much

  • Alex Ekimyan
    Alex Ekimyan

    maybe some of these people are playing on their friends account like bruuuh

  • Hejejdhx Dndn
    Hejejdhx Dndn

    I am playing on the middle east and we don't get this easy lobbies

  • 4.l!f€.$hiestyあせ

    Him: fazebugha. Me: fearless vibess

  • Frlsae

    Middle East servers are bad

  • jason cazz
    jason cazz

    Funnyist video ever

  • Beardoh

    Almost lost it when the kid threw the tires at the UFO. 🤣

    • NinjaSpider36