it's finally the end.

  • 10vs7

    Why he capping every time

  • Marcin P
    Marcin P

    Overdramatic title.

  • Strxnge

    sypher when you come here to hawaii jus respect our culture man. i’m sure u will

  • Ryan Wilkinson
    Ryan Wilkinson

    Bro you don't look healthy.... you look like a drug addict fr. Go take a well deserved break and enjoy your vacation.

  • Jriplxrd

    Sypher look like he losin weight

  • Ace OfSpades
    Ace OfSpades

    Take more breaks we understand

  • Nic Nac
    Nic Nac

    What i Love the outro

  • Oats

    lets be honest we all thought he was going to stop youtube.

  • LeoTacos


  • RomFilip

    *doesnt take break*

  • Lucas_

    It’s always good to have a break, uploads daily! Your commitment to the channel is amazing. Stay strong man!

  • Wolverinios Wolveriniopoulos
    Wolverinios Wolveriniopoulos

    Description : all 800 videos edited by JackZenn

    • QuaranTeen *
      QuaranTeen *

      we love jack

  • REY


  • Eugene Stephens
    Eugene Stephens

    That’s why probably why your one of my favorites. You work very hard for your fans. And we appreciate it.

  • Pixelsplozion

    cypher be like: i spent 800 days uploading and this is what happened...

  • Harish Mrithyunjai
    Harish Mrithyunjai

    Miss the intro

  • ₑₗₗᵢₒₜₜ

    “ I actually have a jawline” -sypher pk 2021


    Breaks are needed and is good for the creative mind! Have a great break!

  • Mystic


  • De Nguyen
    De Nguyen

    Yoo what’s up with all the weight loss???

  • Ctrl slurpz
    Ctrl slurpz

    Nooooo ily

  • Brett Weirmon
    Brett Weirmon

    Long overdue and well deserved/earned break!! I only wish you would have taken a longer trip to Hawaii, I love it there and I’m sure you will too!

  • Theo Pavel
    Theo Pavel

    I’m glad it’s Tuesday because my birthday is on monday

  • cmumlee

    Candice Deez nats man

  • Guitar Director
    Guitar Director

    Have a nice break Sypher😊

  • Disappointed

    This isn't a break, it's taking 5 days off, that's not much of a break

    • Ricardo and friends
      Ricardo and friends

      @Disappointed he when on vacation pretty sure that's a break. a small one yeah but it's his choice

    • Disappointed

      @Chidera Afakalam I'm saying he works hard and that he should take a break

    • Chidera Afakalam
      Chidera Afakalam

      Bruh why are people like you always down playing some that shouldn't be down played.

  • Truwops

    I miss sypher eso

  • Thunders Gaming
    Thunders Gaming

    You’re taking a break to become a competitive for honor player

  • vlad ._.
    vlad ._.

    bro go on a fucking 1 month break jesus

  • Albanian Mapper
    Albanian Mapper


  • Levi Lang
    Levi Lang

    I ain't gonna miss anything. I dont watch your shitty content

  • Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor

    Sypher Pk looks sick. So skinny now compared to older videos.

  • alpha FN
    alpha FN

    you need it

  • Justin Robinson
    Justin Robinson

    Is it cancer or AIDS?

  • Elite_Drift_101

    Damn sypher looks so thin now then the last time I saw him.

  • Akie

    Don’t change the outro sound! It’s your sound, it’s your them and a part of your brand.

  • HandsomeSquidward 69_420
    HandsomeSquidward 69_420

    Don't be sad he's gone be happy we was here grinding

    • HandsomeSquidward 69_420
      HandsomeSquidward 69_420

      But he Wil be back

  • Daniel Kourtis
    Daniel Kourtis


  • Blocky_NS

    Well that was underwhelming


    Good for to take a break man. Best wishes

  • Mohammed Jaasim
    Mohammed Jaasim

    *Everywhere I go, I see him*

  • Bob Reasa
    Bob Reasa

    Been 5 days man

    • DarthScott

      @Pyxl Fun Fact: the only reason why you're not replying anymore is because you know that I'm right and you just realized it.

    • DarthScott

      @Pyxl once you losers see more than two replies, you're like, "omg, this kid is crazy!1!1!1!1!"

    • DarthScott

      @Pyxl lmao, kids these days are so sensitive 😂🤦‍♂️

    • Pyxl

      @DarthScott You could've said one thing instead of 4 and this is the end. Im not gonna reply again.

    • DarthScott

      @Pyxl why are you getting mad at me? The other loser is being disrespectful to sypher

  • Josh Williams
    Josh Williams

    Idk who he is but he looks like Seth Rollins.

  • Techy Plate
    Techy Plate

    I hope he uploads today 🤞

  • Mohammed Al lwati
    Mohammed Al lwati

    I mass you bro 😢

  • Recon Nate
    Recon Nate


  • Recon Nate
    Recon Nate

    its wednesday where is sypherpk

  • Juicethekid768

    Take your time sypher

  • birdo jr
    birdo jr

    Yoo jack you the best editor

  • Jade Millington
    Jade Millington

    I wish he could tell us about he cows

  • TheHound

    No Sypher don’t change the music

  • Maria

    Only SypherPk finds a way to click bait a few days break...

    • DarthScott

      The title was true

    • DarthScott

      How did he clickbait?


    It’s alright 4 days we all have the patience and it’s understandable to me

  • cws

    Haven't watched sypher since I stopped playing fortnite like a year and a half ago so I don't see his vids much. BUT Holy hell he looks sick or something

  • Ram s
    Ram s

    Typical game also has the biggest streak

  • Gorge Barajas
    Gorge Barajas

    Seiter do you still have coats of the frog wrap do we need to be members to get one yes or no

  • fortnite kid
    fortnite kid

    am ok with that

  • Nathaniel

    Wait so are you telling me sypher has been uploading for 800 days straight?!!😨

  • Cs SMeaRds
    Cs SMeaRds

    he should take a break this mans was on the grind

  • yuh ay
    yuh ay

    Sypher: We've Uploaded strictly fortnite content over these days 4:50 theres, apex??!!?!??! All Jokes, love ya Syph ❤️

  • snxgz3k

    you look hecka diff bruh

  • Permy

    fucking bullshit its Wednesday no video lol

  • Abd ElRahman
    Abd ElRahman

    Woah woah WOAH NOT THE OUTRO !!!!! NOOOOOO

  • FN laxe
    FN laxe

    Why does this feel like there's going to be a chapter 2 version of sypher

  • griskatt

    I will miss the outro

  • griskatt

    Hope it’s well in Hawaii

  • devilkookiconsevil

    Okey I understand 🥱🥱but you always 6/7 made my day💓💓💞🖤💜

  • pavle pavle
    pavle pavle

    800 DAYS, respect man

  • Cameron Reynolds
    Cameron Reynolds

    I respect why you are taking a break. I love how you took some of mrbeasts advice. Have a good break my man!

  • Hamster 🐹
    Hamster 🐹

    I’m not trying to be mean but u said Tuesday and now it’s Wednesday and still no upload… but u deserve a break

  • Adam Zikry2005
    Adam Zikry2005

    Sypher take a break as long as you want you deserve the break you and jack did a very good job keeping us entertained

  • Mr. Mister
    Mr. Mister

    Which island, i live in Hawaii

  • Iconic Izaiyah
    Iconic Izaiyah

    Freak Hawaii

  • Romano Cole
    Romano Cole

    Finally he takes a break

  • Chad Laucomer
    Chad Laucomer

    Good shit guys! I’m glad you are taking some more time for yourselves. It is truly needed!! Enjoy you’ve totally earned it.

  • Iammonsteryt

    Hey sypher, I see a dream today and it is I play with you in a random duos and that is the best dream that I had in this year and I know you will never play with me but pls pls can you reply. At July 23 is my birthday

  • King gaming-05
    King gaming-05

    Fun fact: one time you were the youngest person alive

  • Samuel Lafontaine
    Samuel Lafontaine

    Is it me or has he lost a lot of weight… hope he’s well..


    sypher is a legend u obviously deserve aa break

  • Harrison Sawyer
    Harrison Sawyer

    Daily content is the HARDEST thing to do. KEEP IT UP. I am doing it daily and wow, sometimes it is VERY hard. Keep up the grind

  • Dagi collins
    Dagi collins


  • Afton Academia Yt
    Afton Academia Yt

    I have been normally on my week when I realized I felt weird. I questioned myself and then realized that Sypherpk was not in my recommendations and then realized about the video and I got all sad. Hope You Enjoy Ur Break

  • Ssytheez

    No ine cares

  • 200IQ Aiden
    200IQ Aiden

    Lol it's still so many uploads But respect

  • Kai Wayka
    Kai Wayka

    Have fun

  • conn6r

    Mans had a taste of a break on couldn’t come back today lol

    • conn6r

      @Edwin Brito I’m just making a joke :/

    • Edwin Brito
      Edwin Brito

      Let bro rest, he earned it

  • Trigger Troy Gaming
    Trigger Troy Gaming

    Do your thing. it's always upload bro, not keep your head up bro.

    • Trigger Troy Gaming
      Trigger Troy Gaming

      @conn6r right lol

    • conn6r

      Fe4rless quote lol

  • Retro_ Gaming
    Retro_ Gaming

    He looks rough

  • Elite Pro53
    Elite Pro53

    Why you so ducking skinny

  • Elite Pro53
    Elite Pro53

    Yo you are a stick

  • Canify

    That’s cheating! You should have uploaded by now. We miss you. :(

  • Verde

    We're here for you my dude, we love u and appreciate you.

  • Static Melon
    Static Melon

    5 days.

  • heisenmountain B
    heisenmountain B

    I'm coming back after like 4 years, and you take a break. Lmao

  • RalfPK

    Brothers and Sisters! Confess and Repent that Jesus is Lord and Savior! Time is Short! End is Near! Mark of the beasts, wars, famines, rumours of wars, plagues, the bible is the proof of prophecies, Call on God the Father who is in Heaven through jesus christ who gave his life to atone our sins! Take care to all your selves and families, dont forget to pray for strength, endurance and faith in times of trouble to our Lord God the Father, through jesus christ!

  • Warren Andrew Mulia
    Warren Andrew Mulia

    you deserved the vreak, have some time first, rest first

  • Arjun Chickering
    Arjun Chickering

    I'm taking a break from recording my fortnite addiction too....

  • Hudson Atwell
    Hudson Atwell

    Hey bud good luck and nice move on the new schedule. I'm waiting months for technoblade content. You bring the heat, I'd wait months for you too.

  • Ian Manzanares
    Ian Manzanares

    WTF??? Sypher look mad different😂😂 guess i haven’t tapped in since like 2018 lmfaoo