Responding to the Nick Eh 30 Situation...
Today I'm responding to Nick Eh 30's video that he made calling me out to try the Lever Action Shotgun... All fun and games of course, its Nick Eh 30! Hope you enjoy!

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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about spectating a fortnite solo in EVERY region! In todays video, we spectate a fortnite game and GUESS players wins and stats! Hope you enjoy!

  • Vihaan Rajeev
    Vihaan Rajeev

    savage nick eh

  • Christian Joyner
    Christian Joyner

    I don't think he was being toxic

  • Tonix

    Lever is better at everything except its slower realoed

  • Christopher Matthews
    Christopher Matthews

    Like your not slick

  • Christopher Matthews
    Christopher Matthews

    Love how his first 8 kill are not with a lever

  • Beastboy

    8 of your kills werent with the lever

  • Shaner Baner
    Shaner Baner

    No, the lever-action shotgun is better because the damage is higher but has a slower action to shoot so yeah nick is telling the truth

  • Shaner Baner
    Shaner Baner

    7:35 there are just random players sypherpk

  • SEE4

    Pump is better

  • SparklyTyler

    Only real gamers don’t skip to the end

  • Jacob Setoies
    Jacob Setoies

    Let’s go sypher

  • Mac and hawk
    Mac and hawk

    Lever shotgun sucks so bad

  • Yes sir
    Yes sir

    0:57 like how how his cat in the bak

  • Baddie Desi
    Baddie Desi


  • STatic

    Why are they getting beefed over a Fortnite Gun. 🤷‍♀️

  • Adrian Lopez
    Adrian Lopez

    Yo he cheated he had to get 20 kills with the lever but instead 8 of those kill were with the pump

  • ᴀ ʙ ᴇ ᴋ ꜱ я я я ᴜ ɴ ᴏ
    ᴀ ʙ ᴇ ᴋ ꜱ я я я ᴜ ɴ ᴏ

    bruh u snapped in solo squads . also jus started using lever over pump and i was hesitant at 1st but i like it .

  • James Ryan
    James Ryan

    You lost so much weight

  • Christian Rocha
    Christian Rocha

    I loveeeeeeeee the lever

  • No Energy     Zyf
    No Energy Zyf

    If I was in lobbies like this I'd be dropping 30 bombs. HRlessrs always playing with bots

  • Makerbro17

    The ending was probably the most dissapointing thing I have ever seen... ...but its also hilarious lol

  • Jen L
    Jen L

    In that game I let you kill me

  • Trezley

    Sypher is CRRRACKED

  • Pro game Barr
    Pro game Barr

    You have to get a 29 bomb

  • Pro game Barr
    Pro game Barr

    Do you other weapons nine different times you should take a swearword you didn’t even do the challenge

  • WaffleBurglar_ ttv
    WaffleBurglar_ ttv

    He said with the lever

  • Joseph


  • Richard Mathes
    Richard Mathes

    Lever is definitely nice but you have to keep in your head to reload every chance you get. Also there are a few easy ways to phase into boxes. Turbo build doesn't stop it.

  • Princess Marie
    Princess Marie


  • Eben Habte
    Eben Habte


  • Dombo 916
    Dombo 916

    20 kills with lever ya no

  • Ofelia Rocha
    Ofelia Rocha


  • Ofelia Rocha
    Ofelia Rocha

    Bruh sypher really took it is beef

  • Antonio Remley
    Antonio Remley


  • Carson Chase
    Carson Chase

    The rapid fire is the best gun but the tac is the best shotgun in the game

  • ᑭᗩᖇᗩᗪI𝕊ᗴ ᑕOᗰᗴᗪY 🆉
    ᑭᗩᖇᗩᗪI𝕊ᗴ ᑕOᗰᗴᗪY 🆉

    I'm sorry but that background music was so amazing, if anybody knows the official name of the music sypher was using while he attempted drop a 20 kill, please inform me, it's like was we at a movie theater lmao, that music was sick.

  • Rayaan J Ladha
    Rayaan J Ladha

    The lever is better than the pump

  • Brick Built Films
    Brick Built Films

    Hey just saying those ones at the beginning don’t count

  • Md Boya
    Md Boya

    Brother sypher u do know nick eh 30 challanged you again to get 16 kills with a grey rapid fire dont believe me watch his vid about sypherpk situation

  • Johnny Satterfield
    Johnny Satterfield

    5 HRless's that sworn

  • Stupid hoes
    Stupid hoes

    One swear word🤣🤣

  • F2 Juniers
    F2 Juniers

    Fresh comes out tacs r the best

  • Mo

    had me in the first half Nick eh ngl

  • Connor_man123 123
    Connor_man123 123

    Shut up

  • Zachary John
    Zachary John

    The lever is so much better dwg

  • Theazy Hunnit
    Theazy Hunnit

    TRASH SPAMMERS !!!! Terrible players !!!

  • (Loading Name...)
    (Loading Name...)

    First, it's not a situation, he disagreed with u and now ur calling him controversial, u running out of so much content that you would do anything for it. And all the little kids who like ur content for some reason are now hating on nick eh 30. There wasn't a situation to begin with but u just made one. This video made me unsubscribe. U think that it is ok calling out people for content, well guess what ITS NOT.

  • Bennyboy 0124
    Bennyboy 0124

    Your the worst HRlessr I watched you now you cuss now I’m not

  • Danz

    Here's what I think with the lever Vs pump situation I'm a hybrid player and on keyboard and mouse I like levers more than pumps but on controller I use pumps so what I think is the shotguns performance varies by what input u play

  • Rokonjoko 55
    Rokonjoko 55


  • LiamPlayz

    this first 8 kills were not with the lever

  • Step Bro Glizzyy
    Step Bro Glizzyy

    *Dies from cringe*

  • Fireplayer Idk
    Fireplayer Idk

    Lever-action shotgun is garbage

  • Spikey Pike Bros.
    Spikey Pike Bros.

    Just don’t lie to your community again

  • Spikey Pike Bros.
    Spikey Pike Bros.

    In my personal opinion you are on crack

  • Spikey Pike Bros.
    Spikey Pike Bros.

    It is not a hate comment ok

  • Spikey Pike Bros.
    Spikey Pike Bros.

    You just bad with the lever

  • Spikey Pike Bros.
    Spikey Pike Bros.

    Look the rapid fire smg is bad

  • nyjets14

    I just wasted a minute and 5 seconds of my life to see two content creators settle beef over Fortnite

  • Fishy bwadda Brysen
    Fishy bwadda Brysen

    Never watching you ever b****

  • Fishy bwadda Brysen
    Fishy bwadda Brysen

    Bruh you d Bearly used the lever a** hole

  • Ronnie Loomer
    Ronnie Loomer

    I thought the challenge was to get 20 kills with the lever shotgun. Not 20 kills total in the match. 🤔

  • Stray Velvet
    Stray Velvet

    the pump is better it just is. the fact that people disagree on that


    You got 5 eliminations with other guns and not with the lever action so he doesn't have to cause. Cause you have to get 20 with the lever action

  • Felipe Ruiz
    Felipe Ruiz

    Dude are you eating???

  • Funkyfreshkb

    “ i need nuts and bolts bro” that’s what she said

  • Levi Hornkohl
    Levi Hornkohl

    Bro your hair it looks like a half bowl





  • Aden Patel
    Aden Patel


  • NovaNST


  • DeadliestToast

    I like how these grown men are fighting over a gun in fortnite 😂

  • Arthurs Worldd
    Arthurs Worldd

    Haha first time watching this channel I was hooked! Haha and then the ending tweet 😂😂😭

  • woe jojo
    woe jojo

    I always loved the lever it’s the best but I never decide to craft it

  • woe jojo
    woe jojo

    That dude gay

  • KashOutTrey

    Lmao u both scammed

  • GTA_Pro_-_

    5:24 *sus music plays*

  • Just fanny Player
    Just fanny Player

    Lol most of his kills are with ar not the lever shotgun i aint buying it and lever is better than pump on so many diffrent things only yhe damage is the pump better on thar

  • Sulphier


  • Darius Feliz
    Darius Feliz

    LMAOAO yo bro I clicked on this thinking it was real life beef 😂😂😂

  • Crack 876Nik
    Crack 876Nik

    He did not win the challenge

  • bob Disher
    bob Disher

    Wow nice nose bro lmao 😂

  • TuckingFypoz_

    This shit is wholesome but equally stupid

  • lt's the reverb for me
    lt's the reverb for me


  • Georgette Lee
    Georgette Lee

    spaz is better

  • AnubisFrost

    I’m sorry sypher the lever is better than the pump it’s garbage

  • Aggro_ alpha
    Aggro_ alpha

    Sypher vs Nick 1v1 in fn or boxing hmmmmmmmm

  • Connor Paul
    Connor Paul


  • Sxb2007

    All of that for him to swear Fuck

  • Anna Rose
    Anna Rose

    The thin season fortunately marry because mouse mechanistically apologise failing a jumpy ladybug. likeable, alleged alloy

  • Capalot Gio
    Capalot Gio

    He didn’t even get 20 kills wit lever🙄

  • Tristan Linson Robert
    Tristan Linson Robert

    Well im saying that the lever is great

  • Alexandre_Tryh4rd_YT Ofc
    Alexandre_Tryh4rd_YT Ofc

    You were suporte to get 20 kills with the lever action shot gun not 20 with different guns

    • Alexandre_Tryh4rd_YT Ofc
      Alexandre_Tryh4rd_YT Ofc


  • Jaden Ugboma
    Jaden Ugboma


  • ExpensX

    love the handcam

  • Cade

    Whole lobby just spams

  • Spoonzy Edits
    Spoonzy Edits

    sypher got a put a serious face on the thumbnail and we all know its gonna pull views GET EM SYPHER BOY BOXING MATCH LETS FKN GET IT THE PWR OF POSITIVITY VS THE PWR OF KNOWLEDGE

  • Blake Settle
    Blake Settle

    i think this was the moment i realised that 90% of syphers viewership must be < 14

  • 32 FIBRe
    32 FIBRe

    Cringe fortnite content creators arguing bruh give something the community wants man this is why we stopped playing the game and before you say I was bad I wasn’t I would get minimum 6000 arena points a seoson and I had about 1800 pounds in earnings from trio tournaments