so Epic is Adding "Smart Builds" to Fortnite...

  • Pokelover03

    This would be cool. Can't wait!

  • Lulu Fernandez
    Lulu Fernandez

    Smart builds is gonna be awesome because I'll get more intense games

  • Sam R
    Sam R

    This will make mouse and keyboard players 1000x better than any controller player, it just won’t be possible to bind smart keys as a controller player.

  • henry stickman
    henry stickman

    If the add that im quitting

  • Funny Cat
    Funny Cat

    People are gonna be using the smart bridge with walls to make the most op ramp to rush

  • Jays

    This is gonna kill an aldready dead game.

  • Emry Stewart
    Emry Stewart

    It should be and Option in settings if you want them

  • Emry Stewart
    Emry Stewart

    When tho

  • wtf Gorb
    wtf Gorb

    Y dose this game always benefits the bots? It's so gay

  • Abd ElRahman
    Abd ElRahman

    what if they let YOU customize ur own smart builds , and have your own combos etc.....

  • kiwisen

    When are we getting more inventory slots? They keep adding stuff bit inventory is too small

  • Michael Mitchell
    Michael Mitchell

    They should call it buildnite instead of fortnite

  • Michael Mitchell
    Michael Mitchell

    See this is why I don’t play this shit anymore

  • Gingeys Arcade
    Gingeys Arcade

    I get for keyboard but WTF are console players supposed to do!?

  • A Voice
    A Voice

    yoo sypher lookin pretty skeletal

  • kingcrab 4
    kingcrab 4

    I think the only one they should add is smart auto(the ramp rush)cause it ain't that op

  • Meretikalîöus 365
    Meretikalîöus 365

    There will be no skill left in this game… there will be this and people spamming with tacs and SMG’s:(

  • Danny Gamer!
    Danny Gamer!

    I hope they never exist fortnite is making the player get lazier an lazier

  • Justin Fenley
    Justin Fenley

    The people freaking out are the sweats and streamers that have spent hundreds of hours cranking in creative to get good at building. Any sort of advantage for players with lesser skills is a threat to them. Seems every update that helps new players has the same reaction.

  • Zaytoon Zoutenberg
    Zaytoon Zoutenberg

    I CANT take walls i have 200 ping

  • ?

    Might start playing fortnite again

  • It's Ya Boi
    It's Ya Boi

    If epic is trying to help out new players they're doing it completely wrong, what we need is to have an option between skillbase matchmaking. New players can have these items that are terrible to us while playing skill-based matchmaking, and everyone else can play without. Make it an option and you can add anything you want for the new guys and leave us with everything else

  • Self Awareness
    Self Awareness

    Dude, I've already stopped playing this game. Not only epic games, but the toxic community and the no life try hards have ruined the game as well. It's no longer fun. I don't even care anymore.

  • Chimp Ross
    Chimp Ross

    Well I mean if these sweaty kids would stop and get a job they wouldn’t do this

  • Kyte1x

    This will make it lit asf again kids that can’t do shit are gonna jay being pieced w a whole box

  • C S
    C S

    If you want Fortnite to be popular again, support this because people don't want to spend one year to learn how to build. It's that simple- make it a game that rewards creativity / 200 IQ / thinking on the fly / accuracy approx 80-85% and only reward mechanical skill that's repetitive and thusly pointless, about 20%.

  • Akshar Chaudhri
    Akshar Chaudhri

    Everyone no I don’t like it Me arenas about to get even more easy

  • James

    I love how he stops talking to kill someone lol

  • Luz Hernadez
    Luz Hernadez

    smart builds sound stupid its ironic

  • Djurre wongfongsang
    Djurre wongfongsang


  • IceMan 143
    IceMan 143

    I hope fortnite can keep the kids away from cod

  • Clon. fn
    Clon. fn

    So much ppl quilting the game if this shit is legit

  • Elegy Beast
    Elegy Beast

    Jesus is the truth .

  • Jrman513

    I probably have a 2000$+ fn acc but if they add this imma quit

  • ianjoshua p
    ianjoshua p

    Bro fortnite is unplayable all sweats destroy me . I cant even enjoy the game

  • Rylan Krieg
    Rylan Krieg

    This would destroy fortnite every one would stop playing

  • arazojoseph YT
    arazojoseph YT

    hiting one person instantly make box max health overpowered

  • StarkillerNS

    How do you have that red ring around the Railguns Crosshair?

  • Regular Hooman
    Regular Hooman

    I feel like I would be that one person saving their mats then using it all on houses to make people think someone is in there

  • Ninja Gfuel
    Ninja Gfuel

    Season 1 2017 started playing when they add that I'm quiting

  • Flawless

    This game is so dumb bruh ima start playing roblox f*ck this game 😡

  • Sam Giannatti
    Sam Giannatti

    Epic Plz don’t

  • IQ_DefconYT

    bring traps back in smart builds get 40 kills every game memes

  • Jake Mahl
    Jake Mahl

    This is only going to help people less skilled in building

  • Daniel Juarez
    Daniel Juarez

    People are tripping over about this. Should've seen season 2 leaks and shit epic was gonna add. Lmao this ain't nothing.


    That’s a good thing on my opinion

  • Connor Shivers
    Connor Shivers

    Controlla-Connor is not happy with you.

  • Universpro

    What does this add to the game experience? They should make new events and POIs

  • Galaxy Universe
    Galaxy Universe

    They should make it like a port a fort so it can be balanced for controller and pc

  • jk Mdoek
    jk Mdoek

    Any controller player here??? (Im gonna quit)..... Like what buttons were gonna press 😡😢

  • j

    Turbobuilding nerf would have safed the game

  • A Guy
    A Guy

    Sweats: but I don’t want quick building Epic: then why did you ask for it

    • A Guy
      A Guy

      @Luz Hernadez they wanted turbo though

    • Luz Hernadez
      Luz Hernadez

      we didnt

  • Scott Soncrant
    Scott Soncrant

    For controller we can have paddles on the back

  • Srikar

    It is going to be helpful for mobile

  • PrinceVreal

    I don’t play fortnite anymore but I always click on syphers vid bc he’s cute af. And yes I’m gay, it’s 2021 get over it

  • Lincoln Meyer
    Lincoln Meyer

    They should add a timer to smart builds. This would make it good for new players and old players. But NOT overpowered.

  • Fe4R Captain random 87
    Fe4R Captain random 87

    I would think controllers would like this

  • Fe4R Captain random 87
    Fe4R Captain random 87

    Fortnite is already dead but this looks fun soooooo

  • XELCxltures

    They should put a cone in the box

  • SequinceYT

    They should just do for a setting option:0

  • Luke Byrne
    Luke Byrne

    Oh no not kill fortine oh wait its already dead

  • slepp

    Maybe they could a timer like this. For example you’d place a tower build and then you’d have to wait for 5 or whatever seconds for the cool down.


    creative destruction

  • fady gaied
    fady gaied

    those minis in the beginning of the video MMHHMHMHM

  • FSM9K

    It is actually a good thing that they're adding smart builds, if it is solely for bots. As Fortnite continues to age, new players are going to find less level competition. This ultimately results in the game dying, as I have seen with other video games for years. The skill gap can actually be preserved with an option for players to just play bots until they're ready for real competition. A few benefits that come from this is a gamemode for people to complete challenges, mobile and console players will have a gamemode that doesn't put as much pressure on them. The game could actually also continue to bring in new players, and they can practice mechanics like piece control on the bots in real games. Its not a bad idea to be honest, but if you're already good at the game I just couldn't see the bots helping you out that much.

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson

    00:36 does this buff for turbo delay means turing it off cause faster builds?

  • Caleb Pillai
    Caleb Pillai

    Hopefully it will be like a port-a-fort

  • Caleb Pillai
    Caleb Pillai

    No, building is hard on pc, but better in the long run, but editing on the other hand us a whole other story

  • mason Holifield
    mason Holifield

    I know my sister would like this because she's been playing for a few seasons now and she's really bad at building so them adding this would give her a personal Advantage at the game

  • Audrey Maxwell
    Audrey Maxwell

    PREFFERED WEAPON SLOTS YAY I can’t play right now cuz I’m on vacation so I have no idea what’s happening in fort nite right now lol

  • That Korean Boy
    That Korean Boy

    Don't add it in competitive

  • Treesyeet345

    For controller players or pc players they should have like a switch modes when they wanna go to smart builds or to normal builds

  • Dióxido De Carbono [ Olhos De Águia ]
    Dióxido De Carbono [ Olhos De Águia ]

    Fortnite will be a torture if they add

  • Banzed

    If they add this, then controller players are screwed

  • Moe Lester
    Moe Lester

    I will quit the game if they add this

  • Oh, hello there my good sir
    Oh, hello there my good sir

    Why is there 1k dislikes?

  • McFlurry

    They should make it so people can only have smart builds for one month after they create their account

  • Jerelle William
    Jerelle William

    New piece control meta? nah I still don't want this in the game like I feel like the ability for you to get full boxed before you even realize is a little too overpowered

  • toba

    Lil Patience 😐 its been 4 years sypher 4

  • rarelyused3

    "you can build a one by one with 1 button" Sweats: are you challenging me?

  • DroidSwift

    When Fortnite copies the rip-off Creative Destruction

  • TF GRV✔
    TF GRV✔

    I hope that this will take up alot of mats like 40 to 100 mats so smart building does not get to crazy

  • DragonnReising

    Idk if someone’s said this yet, but maybe make the smart builds take time to materialize before they’re solid. Like when you place a box, it’ll have a delay of 2 seconds where phasing is allowed and nothing can be built on top, so people can’t just box people up instantly and it’ll reduce spamming. There’s no way this should be allowed with turbo-building

  • frenzyGIO

    Epic: **adds smart builds** Piece Control Kyle: "The prophecy was true"

  • Spook Skeleton
    Spook Skeleton

    "Is it going to kill fortnite" my guy this game is already dead.

    • Spook Skeleton
      Spook Skeleton

      @DroidSwift imagine still playing fortnite that game is trash it's been dead since season 7 chapter 1. The devs killed it and the toxic Community doesn't help either. People like you that keep buying the skins and funneling money into Epics pocket is why the game is utterly ass. Epic makes money from it so they're not going to improve it or fix the glaring issues with it.

    • DroidSwift

      @Spook Skeleton Search it up, but whatever

    • Spook Skeleton
      Spook Skeleton

      @DroidSwift nah

    • DroidSwift

      @Spook Skeleton it really is. Still one of the most viewed and played games.

    • Spook Skeleton
      Spook Skeleton

      @DroidSwift it's really not

  • When Death Had No Name
    When Death Had No Name

    I wish I could build with any competency...

  • that one discord mod
    that one discord mod

    Im pretty sure its going to be used fir AI because tyey can only build walls and they want to make them more advanced

  • Dave Diamond
    Dave Diamond

    SypherPK What EPIC must do is have a game mode for part-time, weekend players. Maybe called 'PUBLIC ONLY' or similar. Arena/Professional players come into SOLO's etc to destroy us for 20 kill game wins, but we cannot get away from them in our own game mode they can come and go into any game mode they want. So why can't we not have a game mode where Arena/Pros cannot get into. So we can have a more balanced Game mode, does this not sound fair ?

  • Sonny Nanez
    Sonny Nanez

    Honestly you think some good things are bad you don't need to make a video on everything Fortnite does

  • SryGoat

    Creative destruction in fortnite

    • DroidSwift

      That's what I was thinking

  • ITZ Hawk
    ITZ Hawk


    • Moushyxxj

      No they should’nt

  • RawishJ

    This is just to close the skill gap and there will be no skill gap with this, ruining competitive

    • Fe4R Captain random 87
      Fe4R Captain random 87

      Umm you can still be better at shooting and kill someone

  • zLegqcy

    I really don't mind the auto 90s or the auto protected ramp but the autobridge that goes outside of building range, or the automatic box is just broken, it would absolutely ruin tournaments

  • Minnie The Cat
    Minnie The Cat

    I don't like it but my sister does. She plays fortnite on her iPhone 11 and she's been playing on my xbox and she hates building. This will help you out alot.

  • Ace Point
    Ace Point

    Worst update it will be

  • dasher :l
    dasher :l

    Its not happening this update

  • awsomedoms

    Bye OG builds hello box bridges

  • vertrinity

    At this point, were just going to break our fingers.

  • Χρηστος Γεωργοπουλος
    Χρηστος Γεωργοπουλος

    bro im quitting fortnite if they add this

  • Pandadragonkid

    I swear next update is gonna be smart edits 🤣