So there's FORTNITE SEASON 8 LEAKS! (already!)

  • Haris Miraj
    Haris Miraj

    Super pk please with me code is zainy boss


    its coming close to the end evryone will miss chapter 2 map and chapter 1 evryone will miss these maps

  • Zynxd_Allan


  • EpicV | Zmilez
    EpicV | Zmilez

    Naruto? My dad will be playing Fortnite if that happens 🤣

  • Georgen

    If naruto is coming that means lucky landing might come back also tilted

  • Kaio

    I hope that they make a classic flash instead of the cw since i feel like that would look insane.

  • NERF nerf
    NERF nerf

    Fortnite is not fortnite anymore at all😅

  • Mamushiki

    Omg its the guy from fortnite is what theyre gonna say when they watch/see naruto

  • just richi
    just richi

    I never thought I would feel nostalgia for this chapter...

  • Mɪʟᴋʏ

    I remember wen fortnite lore was like pirates

  • Mɪʟᴋʏ

    Naruto was my childhood to

  • Matthew

    I personally would love a naruto collab, naruto is my favorite anime by far but I don’t want it ruined by a bunch of naruto stans and Fortnite kids, Fortnite kids will only watch naruto cuz he’s in Fortnite and naruto stans will hate Fortnite even more than they already do.

    • Matthew

      @skittles sypher pk watches anime 🗿

    • Matthew

      @skittles damn, you hating on something you probably never seen 😞

    • skittles

      Ew imagine watching anime bruv

  • John Conner
    John Conner

    Listen man, if they reverted Fortnite, they'd blow up so fast. All the big streamers would return, sweats would probably die off and we could live in harmony again. I miss Chapter 1. It was a prime time of 2017-2018. Season 7-8 was where the game started to go down hill. I miss the old POI's, the learning curve for building and Tilted Towers. Epic would reap the benefits of sacrificing some time and money just to bring back OG Fortnite. The player base has dwindled and they are wasting resources on pointless shit to make the game similar to others when they already had the foundation for being original. They are turning into Blizzard. They are their own worst enemy. I refuse to play Chapter 2 and I will not even look at Chapter 3. OG Fortnite was best Fortnite and you cannot change my mind.

  • Animator_plays

    Well dam we're almost at the end of season 7

  • Saifullah Sayem
    Saifullah Sayem

    I whatched Naruto and dbz I love dbz

  • thomas lyng
    thomas lyng

    Something sick would be Minato boss and when you kill him you get a kunai that you can trowh it and when you trowh it you teleport to where you trew it and it has a 30 sec cooldown

  • Sabuki

    he has an akatsuki board in the backround. He definetly is naruto fan

  • MrFreshasian 2.0
    MrFreshasian 2.0

    How does Ariadne run in the story line this game makes no sense anymore

  • Fire Flame
    Fire Flame

    i watched naruto like 3 time both of them og and normal

  • Jaredthe god
    Jaredthe god

    How about dragon Ball z

  • Mobile squishy2
    Mobile squishy2

    Strangerthings wow

  • Geebags69

    What skin is sypher wearing

  • Tadaikyo

    tHaTs NArUto fRoM fORtNIte

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer

    Season 8 and chapter 3 sound like the best things I’ve heard so far😊😁

  • lee shin
    lee shin

    Bro nooo i never want to see fortnite start doing anime colabs then there will be a bunch of cringy kids like "oh thats the guy from fortnite" the same thing that happend with travis scott, and most of colabs. (( sorry for any spelling mistakes

  • Youssef Buchi
    Youssef Buchi

    fortnite kids in season 8: tHeY sToLe NaRuTo FrOm FoRtNiTe

  • madhukar ayachit
    madhukar ayachit


  • Gloopier blooper
    Gloopier blooper

    If the “sideways” is coming next season we might see a collab with stranger things, I know we had one already but a bigger more official one, we might see the main group and maybe even some new characters from the new season of stranger things as skins or maybe event an event like Summer splash

  • Just For Fun
    Just For Fun

    I hope they don’t ruin fortnight

  • Just For Fun
    Just For Fun

    I love Naruto!

  • BuRnInG C00KiE
    BuRnInG C00KiE

    i want one piece X fortnite

  • Softland

    Do y’all really want fortnite kids to ruin naurto?

    • gladys cabrera
      gladys cabrera

      Bruh how does it ruin it

  • Potie


  • Michelle Layton
    Michelle Layton


  • Reyna Guevara
    Reyna Guevara

    Sypher pk:I dont think epic would want The Ariana grande concert and an alían event in The same season. Me:Brue The Travis scott concert and The doomsday event both happend in The same season but I think your corect.

  • kingcrab 4
    kingcrab 4

    I don't want anime skins in fortnite,it just doesn't fit into the game

  • kingcrab 4
    kingcrab 4

    Why does epic have so many anime skins recently?

  • Pinsky sk8s
    Pinsky sk8s

    Man said the sideways

  • Lorenzo Ingram
    Lorenzo Ingram

    I can forget about Ariana granda skin and concert I will get the naruto skin which is way better than the Ariana skin

  • Mo Nguyen
    Mo Nguyen

    I’m so excited for naruto

  • Mo Nguyen
    Mo Nguyen

    Omg naruto

  • Arian Agushi
    Arian Agushi

    when he said stranger things i got adrenaline

  • Jordan Sannicolas
    Jordan Sannicolas

    They should ad team 7 minato,team 7 bouto gen

  • Links Dao
    Links Dao


  • FlyHigh_Gamer

    Mr Noob0924

  • Sheryl Lawrence
    Sheryl Lawrence


  • Mr.V

    i am done watching naruto and shipuden i am watching boruto now and waiting for next serie to get added

  • Luis Estrada
    Luis Estrada

    Yeah am ready boys and girls

  • Ahmad AL Ghawas
    Ahmad AL Ghawas

    naruto is inappropriate

    • Harry Xyz
      Harry Xyz


  • Decades

    I hope at the end of season 7 Kevin comes from Steamy Stacks

  • NRFN_driscoff

    Im telling you. Seasons 8,9 will be rushed. Im pretty sure that season 10 will be epic tho.

  • Th3ooGaming


  • demon destroyer
    demon destroyer

    I'm ready for season late it's already coming out let's go

    • demon destroyer
      demon destroyer

      I meant to say eight

  • XS Eclipse
    XS Eclipse

    Lore of the Story: The map changes into something way different in each season

  • ayosany

    I knew my future wife was coming to fortnite

  • hokage music
    hokage music

    Nice Akatsuki skateboard int the background

  • FlipzDC


  • monster king
    monster king

    Shypher the rail gun got copy' split gate

  • Jayita Pakrashi
    Jayita Pakrashi

    Independce day film

  • WathMuchtar

    Season 8 leak naruto skin me: im back

  • Eyo TheGamer
    Eyo TheGamer

    who is ariana grande

  • Mueller games
    Mueller games

    I will go 4 tails on people if Naruto will be in the game.

  • Angel Sandoval
    Angel Sandoval

    Hopefully dragon ball can come to Fortnite that was my child hood 😆😆😆😆

  • Ninja Gfuel
    Ninja Gfuel

    Man it's been 4 years of playing fortnite I just uploaded 22 kill game By myself in duos 😪I'm starting to hate fortnite

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha

    I like the naruto skin idea but I swear to god if they dont bring sasuke I'm done

  • Mr Gamer
    Mr Gamer

    My mom doesn’t let me whatch naruto

  • BenCalderwood

    Anime in fortnite finnaly let's go im so happy

  • Brothertube 777
    Brothertube 777

    Me to I love naruto

  • panda kongen
    panda kongen



    Am i the only one or there is a skate board with akatski logo

  • ThatWaggoner07

    Session 8 already?

  • Xmas Jayne
    Xmas Jayne


  • Lorenzo

    I really want to watch naruto shuppen

  • Edcy

    Pov:you see Sakura running around and jumping into garbage cans

  • GregoryJP

    Named my self almost the same layout Sypher did 😂.

  • Raahifz

    I wish jutsu will come to fortnite like iron mans beam

  • caramel cannon
    caramel cannon

    Naruto..... hopefully 🙏

  • dewram dewsith
    dewram dewsith

    me: i love narutto sypher: there will be a narruto collab me: oh sh!


    As a fellow naruto fan I love naruto but I don't want it to be in fortnite because some kid that doesn't know what naruto is is gonna be like omg its the guy from fortnite to naruto that is my only problem about fortnite rn

  • Tony Doherty
    Tony Doherty

    Noooo chapter threee

  • fady gaied
    fady gaied

    2:10 what about green arrow?

  • The_Hentai God
    The_Hentai God

    I’m waiting for the Naruto skin epic

  • Jayden Bayden
    Jayden Bayden

    My guy you hitting the crack ? seem rather ruggered looking lately

  • uriel murillo
    uriel murillo

    I love the ending

  • Grovvee


  • Biqiltuu Oromoo
    Biqiltuu Oromoo

    Im gonna buy ariana grande

  • Red

    I think in my opion they shoulded added star fire in the season battel bc she fits so well with it

  • avoidvibezz

    Bring naruto bro naruto is the best bro😍

    • Harry Xyz
      Harry Xyz

      He ain’t working for fortnite

  • Kymani Vegas-Alicea
    Kymani Vegas-Alicea

    If that is the case I’m buying the battle pass

  • Rhys Thornton
    Rhys Thornton

    What is it with HRlessrs and Anime

  • Reed and Ethan‘s gaming videos
    Reed and Ethan‘s gaming videos


  • Legendary Eagle
    Legendary Eagle

    I'm so happy that my girlfriend is gonna have a skin

  • Zidan Eldomor
    Zidan Eldomor

    Imagine this gets pinned

  • Nikola

    4:31 yeah they are gonna watch it and every time they see him they're gonna say its the kid from fortnite and ill have to break their fukin necks

  • misael vazquez
    misael vazquez

    Omg am going to be happy😭😩😩😩😳😳😳😳🤩

  • Pk Four20
    Pk Four20

    I really hope that they add red hood

  • Nadir Belhaj
    Nadir Belhaj

    So the new season is september right

  • Thedumbidiot

    Him calls Naruto a show Me a weeb: IS AN ANIME!!!

    • Ace Logakk Gamer
      Ace Logakk Gamer

      Animes are shows

  • Narutard19

    Yessssssss. I am saving up for the Naruto skins

  • Camo WTF
    Camo WTF

    imagine sasuke in the game his chidori being a weapon and narutos kurama being a rotation method or a boss game mode to kill it