the State of Fortnite in 2021...

  • HeLMeri

    How are you guys still playing Fortnite in 2021? No seriously..

  • i'm weird
    i'm weird

    1:02 Chapter 2 season 3 is literally the shortesr season since ch1 s2.

  • Andrew Kozlowski
    Andrew Kozlowski

    The problem with the game is crossplay

  • RodrigoC🇵🇹

    If it was like 0-5 season First seasons were good. Then everything changed

  • BB Jennings
    BB Jennings

    Do any non pros still play this game? Like only 12 year Olds play this game, it's just terrible

  • Roni Jr
    Roni Jr

    Can't believe people actually still play this. I stopped playing this after season 5. Fortnite was actually good from season 2 -4. R.I.P OG players and good old Fortnite.

  • Stefan Viljoen
    Stefan Viljoen

    Sypher is the god father of fortnite

  • TicklishMonster

    I disagree the game has turned into a shitty game added crafting and all of this other extra bullshit

  • Noah Mudge
    Noah Mudge

    Coming from warzone i redownloaded fortnite because I miss it don’t know how it’s gonna be but hope it still fun

  • Rylan McHugh
    Rylan McHugh

    The break the black hole gave ruined it for me

  • MUSH

    Fortnite is done 💔

  • Art3mis _
    Art3mis _

    If creative/playground wasn’t a thing maybe there wouldn’t be so much sweats

  • baka moment
    baka moment

    ive stopped playing for 4 months started playing valorant got gold peaked plat, should i go back to fortnite i was a good player

  • pasiden b6
    pasiden b6

    Call of duty death chat bro

  • Relecent

    omg u lost so much weight

  • Shrug

    I feel like fortnite lost its old atmosphere, it used to be a goofy looking game but now it looks like its going to a more realistic side in a way.

  • It's Me, Steve
    It's Me, Steve

    I'll play fortnite again when scuff has a dualsense controller with back paddles or when sony has a back button attachment for the ps5

  • hamzaoui ahmed
    hamzaoui ahmed

    I started hating the game since season 6. I began to question the future state of the game , the map changes , the cringey items , the toxic community, every update the game gets the toxic effect it has on the game state especially in a battle royal one. Why dont they listen to the community? If they just reverse the map and items like it used to be back then i'll have no problem playing the game again. All what i see from epic games every single patch is finding an apportunity to add more skins to the game tbh

  • strikw _
    strikw _


  • Ryan Sagar
    Ryan Sagar

    Pubs are Just like arena's

  • a bacon sandwich
    a bacon sandwich

    I think they should do what they did in Fornite Chapter 2 except restart everything and go back to Season 1. I would easily play this game again if they gave me Season 1-3 again.

  • philip J Dry
    philip J Dry

    Fortnite is dull, it sucks, it's boring. Tell me all the fun things you do in Fortnite? Well um, you know I shot people over and over again. I'm excited for gta5 tuners that is going to be awesome

  • Brüh LôL
    Brüh LôL

    Wow this video was recommended and the video back then was also recommended

  • xxcorgi

    just look at fortnite’s twitter community. the replies to the lgbtqia event were for the most part disgusting

  • VizionXII

    This video is cursed now 666k views

  • Cplusplus Robotics
    Cplusplus Robotics

    Look at the views

  • eq Khaos
    eq Khaos

    I just miss c1s1…that’s all

  • stfu

    Bad lil kids from Fortnite. And Revert everything to Ch1 S5. Graphics to Gameplay. Ch1S5 is my favorite

  • GreenBoi

    "Epic are starting to try to stop sweating " Procedes to crank a 90 and destroy an innocent child :


    I left Fortnight when they changed the map , it ruined it for me it just wasn't the same and when apex came out i knew it was the game for me. Most streamers went to warzone but that's just the same run of the mill game. Nothing really creative. fortnight was great , but now its dying and dying and dying. Change isn't always good. Making a game solely competitive isn't good for it taking the fun away.

  • Vinnie Patt
    Vinnie Patt

    We just want the OG map or even season 4-5 map along with the old graphics back.

  • The Dangerous Burger
    The Dangerous Burger

    I think the worst thing about the game is just the community the game is great but people assume the worst just because of the people

  • igottago p99
    igottago p99

    I feel like the tries to do too many things( like crafting, bounties, collecting gold).imagine trying to gather parts to craft a weapon but to get killed in seconds by someone.the bounty system is pretty fun I'm not gonna lie and collecting gold is nothing to talk about.

  • Great White Shart
    Great White Shart

    U forgot about skill based matchmaking thats why i hardley play anymore

  • Keeko Cheecho
    Keeko Cheecho

    I don’t know why they don’t fix the matchmaking on Switch. We always get matched up with PC players and it’s insane that I can’t turn off cross play

  • Aleph

    We need to be allowed to turn off crossplay for pubs. Specifically for PC. Like Console only and PC only.

  • Fazor Plays
    Fazor Plays

    I hated it Diane they added season X


    There is still time to bring back the old Fortnite. I miss the magic from season 1-3

  • YeetLord Snipes
    YeetLord Snipes

    I only played it back in the day to have fun with my friends and just joke around and hang out (mostly because I wasn’t very good at it and still am not very good). Now however it just doesn’t feel the same mostly because everyone in the lobby is sweater two year old who doesn’t remember what the sun looks like lol

  • Simen SP
    Simen SP

    Yall still playing fortnite?

  • Harry Snape
    Harry Snape

    I think the biome thing is a big one...they help a tonne to make the map feel different and interesting. But overall, fortnite has got a lot better and i am playing every day...and most if all...i enjoy it now

  • richard c
    richard c

    Nail on the head with the map changes seriously it’s been SOOO DRY. I really like how you also show appreciation for the good too, I can relate to it because I love this game I wouldn’t want to come from a place of malice just feels like they care more about the money lately then quality.

  • Elias Gustavsson
    Elias Gustavsson

    Yooo I used to watch your vids about a year ago. Good job on the weight loss bro!

  • trayboiii yeetis
    trayboiii yeetis

    I feel fortnite needs to chill with the colabs man. They do waayy to many. I wish the colabs were little annual things like the kinda were in chapter 1. I just really miss chapter 1 a lot. I hate chapter 2

  • José Julio Flores Campos
    José Julio Flores Campos

    I came back to Fortnite because Warzone is not enjoyable at all anymore and I'm having a blast

  • Oh Thatz DQ
    Oh Thatz DQ

    1v1 boxfight Would Be Perfect Gulag System

  • Diamond

    one thiong amazing fortnite can do is go backwords for a year just revert all the seasons all the way back down to about season 1 and 2 and go back up again and see what players actually liked

  • Skeroe

    Syper can you help sa plays to get a sever

  • fastrally

    You wanna fix Fortnite? Remove turbo build and bots

  • Austin Nene
    Austin Nene

    Hi guys Go play Apex Legends.

  • Peachy Man
    Peachy Man

    Honestly i think it's more cooler now

  • 3m


  • X-IEI-X

    You guy should be grateful for the update you get Look at red dead online and you will regret saying fortnite lacking update

  • Ace Attorney Crossovers
    Ace Attorney Crossovers

    I just hate building in Fortnite.

  • Anwar Guzman
    Anwar Guzman

    They need to make another season like season 2 and 4 those were the best seasons of ch 2

  • RedFox

    I simply don't play anymore. Even season 11 and 12 (and 13) I still played. After season 14 I realized epic hardly cared anymore. I mean think what you want about season 14, but it was a sell out. Simply that. Season 15 I hardly played, season 16 I literally played 3 games. three. I played season 17 at launch and a few times, but Jesus UFOs are op. Other than that I hardly understand the new stuff. I don't think I'll return to the game. I don't want to mention the community as it isn't the games fault, but that's definitely a factor.

  • Bluffzi

    I do agree with fortnite being toxic, imo it's one of the most toxic communities rn

  • Bluffzi

    Fortnite just lose its community imo, I miss when fortnite was everywhere, but now basically everyone left, and the reason for that is usually generally the same. The map, the combat, the lootpool, and so on, and honestly I think those issues are just new Fortnite which sucks, but they've been issues for too long to think that they're going to get fixed

  • Mitchell Riley
    Mitchell Riley

    Idk, I still think console and pc should be split when matchmaking

  • ResidentGraph34

    The forced cross platform between console and pc is what’s ruining the game for me

  • squash 101
    squash 101

    I miss the old textures sounds guns maps and gameplay all out

  • lowkeysmokeytf

    "Opening up communications with Epic games." And it only took like 15 seasons.

  • Gavin Starke
    Gavin Starke

    Haven't played fortnite since the big battle in 2018.. Still got my epic tho😂

  • E.G.O.

    Fortnite is still good and the og map was kinda bad

  • rai.

    Fortnite never will be good again

  • javier hall
    javier hall

    Fortnite is good the community just got toxic BTW I said it's good not great like how it was in 2018

  • Abstrakt

    Fortnite is so fun I stopped playing

  • Gupzy

    I think thary should bring back o items like the minigun maybe dubbel barrel shotgun

  • Ryy

    biggest negative is always going to be the strict sbmm - my pub games and arena games are no different, pubs are probably worse in my opinion because of the ufo and radar gun

  • Cris

    “Consistent updates” haha okay it been almost or if not 1 year since fornite was banned on the apple store sure that does effect you player on pc but mobiles player yeah we can’t do anything about that since we haven’t gotten anything from epic directly

  • Cris

    The ufo and rail gun makes the game bad you’ll be fighting a team then little Timmy decide to pull up in tho thing smh like the mechs from season 10 or 9

    • Aqua Nylon
      Aqua Nylon

      Play Competitive then!.

  • Liz Hale
    Liz Hale

    I quit Fortnite because every time I was starting to get good they always either changed all the weapons, changed the way of travel, took away something I used a lot, changed building mechanics, etc… I didn’t have the 6 hours a day to keep mastering everything like these 12 year olds have I have work and other things so I didn’t have enough time to keep re learning the game every month with my little 45 minutes a day. I quit almost 2 years ago.

  • #kebabhešteg

    They should also start giving credit to everyone they collab with

  • Jack Blue
    Jack Blue

    This guy is in fortnite hell. He has to push himself to play this shitty game everyday for his 5 year old fans. Just to keep his viewership. Pretty shitty to get known on a shitty ass game like fortnite. Then get stuck playing it and making videos about it. Lol.

  • Ruling of Sadness
    Ruling of Sadness

    Fortnite uh sucks ok bye

  • ElectricZeke Playz
    ElectricZeke Playz

    chp 2 season 3 only lasted like 2months

  • Pooperman 557
    Pooperman 557

    The thing i hate the most about fortnite is the community

  • Jack

    Reintroduce the .15 second turbo building delay? 👀

  • FrostbiteFaceit

    I don't think this game is good at all. I mean all we want is fun cool stuff, less collabs and the OG map back. I refuse to support this BS game if they don't change it I won't support the game

    • Aleph

      @Real Deadpool I don’t fucking know, you tell me!

    • Real Deadpool
      Real Deadpool

      @Aleph bostalgia isn't a thing about the map, tell me what was good with the old map and what is wrong with this one?

    • Aleph

      @DarnDavid Biased nostalgia

    • DarnDavid

      Whats so good about the old map?

  • DabbadabbaDREW Z
    DabbadabbaDREW Z

    I just hate getting one shot. They need to fix their servers I’m locked at around 30 dmg for shotgun headshots. It’s really frustrating.

  • Brett Sharpe
    Brett Sharpe

    Fortnite would still be perfect if they kept the same mechanics, weapons, and items since tilted first came out.

  • Baby Yoda Clickin Heads
    Baby Yoda Clickin Heads

    The original music in the background tho.. i cried

  • G Grip
    G Grip

    Patch notes.. patch notes... Patch notes

  • Habibi

    Modern Warfare 2 was full of toxic grown men which makes it funny. Fortnite is just full of 8 year toxic kids who can’t leave the house.

  • The Hello Neighbor Show!
    The Hello Neighbor Show!

    To sweaty. I dont wee many toxic people but even then theres too much

  • loaf

    At least the chapter 2 season 1,2 and 3 didn’t have one piece anime pacing

  • Baykid 49
    Baykid 49

    Take the reboot vans out the bots in the game and the ufos and the flying shit out and fix the fucking map and take out the stupid laser weapons and shit and these skins are wack ass fuck they make you feel like it’s not fortnite anymore

  • guy

    If the old map comes back I hope the toxic kids ruin fortnite

  • Yagsterr

    Sorry Fortnite, but I just don’t like you nearly as much anymore.

  • SWX 13
    SWX 13

    Give the og players a barebones s1 version with very limited resources limit (40 per material) stops 8 year olds building a 20 storey hotel complete with WiFi, a pool and aircon

  • Timothy Petersen
    Timothy Petersen

    Forced crossplatform play needs to be stopped. I don't care about SBMM I care more about the fairness of things. 30fps 90 ping vs 140+fps 10 ping Switch vs PC. Let there be an option to turn crossplatform play off. Nuff said.

  • njkd

    I got an add of you with a mouse before the vid

  • AceTeen11 Studios
    AceTeen11 Studios

    9:39 I think we can all agree on this

  • Cat catcatcatcatcatcatcatcatcatcatcat
    Cat catcatcatcatcatcatcatcatcatcatcat

    I don’t care about lag or how long it takes for a season I care about FUN go back all the way from ch1 s2 to ch1 s8 it was fun they listened to the community if something was op they fixed it it didn’t have skill based matchmaking you didn’t need 3000 mats to win we didn’t have to be a pool of sweat to win we had fun vehicles like the ballors airplanes go carts shopping carts and better places no aimbot mpc no bosses tbh I stopped liking br games it just all skill no fun toxic people that still like fortnite tell me why you still play and how is it fun

  • space oven
    space oven

    the game gets boring after 10 min

  • Kaleeb Wilson
    Kaleeb Wilson

    This game sucks

  • Carter Fairbanks
    Carter Fairbanks


  • darksylol

    i still say it to this day but creative being introduced is what really made the game terrible

  • vlpacc

    sypher looks like seth rollins


    ok ok.....he just got in hella good shape....damn

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